Friday, March 19, 2021

75-Year-Old Xiao Zhen Xie Fights Back From Her Anti-Asian Attacker's "Bad Day"

First, the background situation - attacks on Asians and Asian-Americans have increased 150% in the U.S., in the past year, and on Tuesday, 21-year-old white male, Aaron Long, shot and killed eight people in Cherokee County, Georgia, targeting Asian spas and massage parlors.

Six of the victims were Asian, but Long said the crimes were not racially motivated, they were motivated by wanting to "remove temptation" for his sex addiction - 
(which of course brings to mind a question of sex-trafficking and exploitation was involved?)

In addition to first stating, "This was not a hate crime," Captain Jay Baker, of the Cherokee County's Sheriff's office proceeded to say: "He was pretty much fed up and had been kind of at the end of his rope. Yesterday was a really bad day for him, and this is what he did.”
These are the kind of things white-male police often oddly say about white-male murderers - remember when the Austin PD said the Austin TX mail bomber was a "poor, troubled, frustrated" kid as well?

(And we all know, had the shooter been black, there would've been a knee on his neck, and he likely wouldn't be alive anymore ;)

As a result of his "bad day" speech, as well as his allegedly now-deleted Facebook posts of him saying "I love my T-shirts" with this T-shirt ...

... which say "COVID-19 - imported from Chy-na" ...

...  Captain Jay Baker is no longer the spokesman for the case and is currently under investigation ;)

HOWEVER - yesterday, in San Francisco, after attacking an 83-year-old Vietnamese man, Ngoc Pham, earlier that morning, witnesses (including the filmer of this phone video just after the incident) say 39-year-old white male, Steven Jenkins, apparently also had a "bad day," when he walked up to Xiao Zhen Xie and punched her in the left eye, completely unprovoked.  

She fought back with a piece of wood and bloodied his nose - and he's the one leaving on the stretcher. 

Now, that's a "bad day" - when you, as the kind of person who sees yourself as a persecuted, frustrated, white male victim of other races, faiths,  women and "temptation" - decide to abuse your actual power versus these groups by attacking random Asian elderly people, scapegoating them for COVID-19  - but you're the one who winds up leaving on a stretcher, after getting your ass kicked by a 75-year-old Chinese grandma!  

(I love it!  I especially love his face in the video, complete disbelief lol).

(Video provided by CBS-KPIX5, San Francisco)

Jenkins was arrested for assault and elderly abuse, but not a hate crime, as of yet, either. 

And not so funny is that she still cannot see out of her left eye due to bleeding, is traumatized, and is afraid to leave her home now :(

Oh, but shhh,  never mind -  we're all supposed to just keep pretending power abuse/scapegoating, racism, and sexism don't exist anymore, and never did ...

... and that white men aren't violent unprovoked, and that we aren't enabling it by making excuses like they "just had a bad day," when they go on shooting sprees based on race, gender, or political affiliation and blame the victims instead ...

... and that white cops don't kidnap, rape, and kill women who were simply walking down the same street they're supposed to protect. or knee black men in the neck, who didn't resist arrest, over a $20 counterfeit bill.

How many white male shooters and bombers have we had since Trump, hmm?

And yet, we liberals warned that Trump's irresponsible "free speech" rhetoric was fanning the flames of violence, racism, and hate crimes, but Trumpers continue to pretend it's not, and have thus tried to find any way in the world NOT to tie him to increased violence and hate crimes and continue blaming scapegoats - including actually trying to find the most nonsensical, crazy ways to blame us Democrats and other lefties for the violence, without a shred of evidence.

For more on dysfunctional-family/group-level delusional denial, enabling, and scapegoating, read prior posts ;)

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