Saturday, March 6, 2021

Vaccine Humor ...


As mentioned in my post about Mark getting the vaccine, after much unnecessary struggle, he's finally getting it this week.

My brother-in-law - the one who is senior finance manager for Universal/NBC Studios in L.A. - just texted back: "(Is it) weird that after I got the first Moderna shot two weeks ago, I hear Dennis Quaid in my head now, or coincidence?  Or is it Bill Gates's nanochip?"


(Of course he was joking, people!)

And for those non-movie buffs who don't get the Dennis Quaid reference, he's referring to the Steven Spielberg science-fiction comedy from 1987, Innerspace, starring Dennis Quaid and Martin Short, in which a military pilot (played by Dennis Quaid) becomes part of a miniaturization experiment, is miniaturized into a microscopic piloted airship, and is supposed to be injected into a rabbit; however, he accidentally gets injected into poor, unsuspecting-goofball grocery-store clerk, Martin Short, instead  lol.

I just texted back how much I loved that movie, plus:  "Dang those shape-shifting lizard-people Illuminati!  Ya know, you should really stop managing their (Hollywood) money.  Ya know, for the New World Order and all."


Of course I was joking, too.

Because let me reassure you (or disappoint you?) -  though there IS a power group in Hollywood that you don't want to piss off, and who can make or break your career and reputation, for sure - there ARE no shape-shifting lizard-people or Satanic Illuminati in Hollywood, trying to control the world, through vaccines or anything else -  and that includes Steven Spielberg and Bill Gates!

(I'm pretty sure my brother-in-law, managing the money for a major film production company and television network, would know.  God only knows what people do privately, but from a business side of things, no - that's total right-wing conspiracy nonsense - and my BIL would never be a part of anything like that, if they were.)

When my husband read the family thread, he added, "So, if you get Dennis Quaid and Bill Gates, who do I get, Rick Moranis from 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' and Steve Jobs?"

Except autocorrect changed "Quaid" to "Quisenberry," the former baseball pitcher LOL.

So then he came back and said, "See, Apple autocorrect is already taking over." 


I dunno, Quisenberry playing baseball in there would be interesting.

Ya gotta laugh at the absurdity of it all  ... 

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