Thursday, March 25, 2021

Just Scheduled My First Vaccine Shot For Next Week ...

*Updated with details about what the shot was like, as well as the very minimal "side effect" I had (if you can even call it that) added below :)

Last week, I received a text from the state saying that Phase 2 people (age 40 and older) were approved, but the only sites were in Louisville.  This week, I received a text that they are here in Lexington at Baptist Health Lexington and Kroger.   

The BHL site was already booked within 10 minutes of the text, only one Kroger location had appointments, so I scheduled my first shot next week.  

Not sure which vaccine, the site doesn't say - likely Pfizer because Moderna supplies are low and J&J's vaccine is not here yet.  

Mark will be going for his second shot in the next two weeks.  

Wish us luck!


Update:  We discovered Walgreens is now giving them to my phase as well, and I can get one at a better time, so I've canceled the Kroger one and rescheduled for Walgreens.

Just a note - again, I got someone with a thick Indian accent at Kroger, just like I did when we initially tried to schedule Mark.  

I ... really hope they didn't outsource their customer service to India.  I take issue with that, as my job as a medical transcriptionist was outsourced to India four times from 2006-2010, and I firmly believe outsourcing greatly contributed to the recession.  

Also I think American citizens will take all of the jobs that we can get during COVID, yes? :)


UPDATE:   Description of shot and any side effects 

Monday, March 29th - Pfizer vaccine shot #1 completed today - it's a tiny little needle prick and very quick, quicker than a flu shot.  No side effects at all :)

Tuesday, March 30th - My arm is a little sore today, exactly like a flu shot, but still no other side effects :)

7:30 p.m.  - All is still well; however, I will say that by this afternoon, I felt a little run down and took a nap, because I could almost fall asleep sitting up lol.  

If you knew me, you'd know how unusual it is for me to fall asleep sitting OR lying on the couch - like it literally never happens.  I'm one of those people that can't fall asleep on the couch, especially with the TV on, I have too much anxiety - it has to be dark and quiet for me to fall asleep lol.  Ask my husband (who falls asleep every night in front of the T.V.) -  I have never fallen asleep on the couch, but almost did today lol.

To me, it's not so much like a side effect as - how can I describe it?   

I don't feel badly, per se, and it's definitely not flu-like - it's more of just a feeling like activities require more effort, a general sense of malaise/fatigue?

For me, it's actually less viral-like and more similar to how I felt the first trimester of pregnancy, which makes me think that rather than true "side effect" of the vaccine itself, the fatigue/malaise may actually be related to lots of activity going on, very rapidly, in my body - like my immune system is on overdrive, my body's cranking out those antibodies, super fast, causing fatigue - make sense?  :)

In fact, the one and only other time in my life that I fell asleep on the couch was when I was pregnant, so that's why I liken it to that lol.

Mark claimed he got a slight temp and lost his sense of smell for the first 24 hours, after shot #1.

Hmm, not sure about that - because I saw the thermometer when he checked and the highest I saw was 99.3F, and he says he lost his sense of smell, but could smell the diesel fuel on a truck passing? ;)

Men, I love you, but sometimes, when you're not feeling well?  You're bigger drama queens than we ever thought of being lol.  

Not always, but yeah - sorry, in my experience, that's mostly been true.  I think God knew what he was doing when he created women to bear the babies ;).

Either it's that or I'm just lucky with side effects because none of that happened :)

He's due for his second shot next week, that's supposedly the bugger, but we shall see.  My second shot will be in 4 weeks.  

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