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Monday, March 8, 2021

"Freedom of Speech for Me, But Not For Thee, Harry and Meghan" - The Hypocrisy of Piers Morgan and the British Press

Hilarious that Piers Morgan and other British press (cough, cough, tabloid) demand the right to "Freedom of Speech" and say whatever they want, wildly speculating without evidence and paying people for dirt, whether true or not, and still call it "news" - but royals can't defend themselves from them, by telling their side of things (when the palace won't) - and they should be "exiled" for doing so???

Especially hilarious that it hasn't even aired in Britain yet, and won't until tonight - so your average British person yammering on about it hasn't even seen it yet - so most are just talking out their arses lol.


What makes you think you should have more right to free speech than royals, Piers Morgan?

You know you're just still pissed that Megan caught onto your fake friendship, so you didn't get the story - but Oprah's genuine friendship with her did ;)

And Harry and Meghan "betrayed" the royals?

I dunno, sounded like it was the other way around, to me.   In fact, it sounds like a lot of people they trusted betrayed them - including to physically protect them for various reasons - i.e. their own glory/vanity, a good story, anti-American and racist sentiments).

As for whining, nobody whines more than you, Piers Morgan - who just three days ago, was still whining about Meghan dumping you as a (cough, cough, fake) friend. 

Nobody has made you king - and they're never going to - with or without Meghan as your lost token into the palace for stories ;)

The truth is, they got nothing - Harry and Meghan were very believable - and seemed more hurt than angry (except Harry flashed anger a couple of times, particularly at his father.)

So it's just more of the same stuff they've been saying - plus speculating on the cost of her maternity dress - as IF an expensive maternity dress would make up for all the pain.

Then again, this is out of the mouths of the sort of people who think money is everything and solves all problems, and that all women, and their silence, can be bought ;)

(Here's a tip for ya - anyone who writes that kind of stuff either is, or will marry, exactly that type of woman ;)

American press has mostly just reported what they said, without opinion - and if opinion was given, it was empathetic - as are the BBC and The Guardian in the UK.

With American exception, of course, of Fox News and the New York Post, who are as bad as British tabloid, only still calling themselves news.

But those two rackets aren't empathetic to anyone but Trump, Trump-style conservatives, and other lily-white men anyway (which isn't empathy, it's sympathy - for other people the deem are exactly like themselves ;)


PS - Oprah has since released a statement that Prince Harry did not want to elaborate further, but it was important to him that she reiterate for him that the royal family member concerned with how dark the child's skin would be was NOT one of his grandparents - it was neither the Queen or Phillip.

I find it interesting that he didn't clear anyone else, with that phone call, don't you? ;)

To be honest, I think we need more investigation into the context in which that "dark skin" statement was made.

If this was said out of innocent curiosity, such as someone would say, "I wonder if he will have red hair like his father?" - then that's fine.

HOWEVER - Meghan implied it was said during discussions about title and security detail - and in that case, no, it's not fine and very racist.

Additionally, we all knew the press was making very racist jokes about that, so it shouldn't have perpetuated that kind of nonsense by being said at all.

So ... you gonna investigate THAT and find out, Buckingham Palace?

Probably about as much as you did Prince Andrew's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, right? ;)

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