Tuesday, March 2, 2021

In Case You Haven't Seen the Full James Corden/Prince Harry Bit Yet ...

... what he says about preferring The Crown to actual news is interesting, and James trying to convince him to buy the Fresh Prince of Belair house was hilarious (Harry knew all the words to the theme song, btw lol) -  as was Harry and James on the military obstacle course (who knew Harry was that athletic/fit?) - but I think the most interesting thing I learned was the Queen sending them a wafflemaker for Christmas, because Archie was obsessed with waffles.

I mean, so ... what, did she just like "pop down to the shop" and pick one up or use Amazon or ... ? lol

Also that Prince Phillip  doesn't exit out of Zoom sessions, he shuts the laptop lol.  (I know he's been in poor health, but apparently, is well enough to Zoom.)


Harry also says he hasn't "walked away" from royal life, he's walked back - stepped back from a toxic press environment that started to affect his mental health, and his family's mental health, and he felt he needed to step up to protect his family.

However, he said that wherever he is, public service and compassion will always be his top priority, in a royal capacity or not.

(To which my husband clapped and I teared up a little.)

Now see, whatever her flaws, that's definitely his mother Diana's influence/impact on him, both he and William - they've never forgotten what she instilled in them :)

It's also nice to see him feel comfortable enough with James (who was at their wedding) to be silly :) 

What a sweet, good boy - aw, I just love him so much, I just think he's just adorable :) 

I know he's grown, now,  but who can forget that shell-shocked little boy, walking behind his mother's casket that myself, along with every other American mother, wanted to scoop up, hug, protect from the world, and never let go of, like we're some crazy American aunties. 

OMG, how crazy is that, we don't even know him - but that connection we felt to those boys when his mother died, how the press treated them all since, I can't help myself!

Btw, Welcome, Harry and Meghan!

I don't know if you jumped out of the frying pan into the fire, here in America, but most of us are happy to have you both here with us  :)

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