Saturday, March 6, 2021

PS - Exhibit B - Piers Morgan "Jokingly" Tweets for "Ban on Our Princes Marrying American Women"

For those unaware, Piers Morgan has been one of the biggest smear-campaigning press bullies of Meghan from Day One - coining the now standard British-tabloid-press bully battle-cry monikers, "Ginge and Cringe," for Harry and Meghan - ever since she ghosted him before her wedding, after discovering what an opportunistic, attention-seeking, social-climbing, untrustworthy, tabloid-press-disguised-as-real press twat he really is.

In other words, he's a vindictive man-baby, still just pissed because she dumped him as a friend "like a sack of spuds"  (his own words) right before her wedding,  and thus, he can't use their friendship for his desperate social climbing and an inside scoop to the royals anymore, poor baby.

(Note that's what he's accused about her - but just like Trump, everything he says about her is actually true about himself lol.)

Now, I do realize his tweet is tongue-in-cheek British humor - but it's still fanning the flames of toxic-level nationalism and blaming just women for all family/group problems  ...

Right, so ... American women have been to blame for all problems in the royal family, and we're going to pretend the whole Diana fiasco - who was a member of British nobility, mind you - didn't happen, and that it wasn't bullying, lying-sack-of-shyte paparazzi press like yourself that helped kill her?

Got it, dohkay :)

Yes, let's ban more people and stuff, brilliant - because banning more people and stuff is what both of our countries want most, right now, and this tweet doesn't make you sound in the least bit fascist.

(That's American sarcasm, mind you.)

Then, we Americans could ban your arrogant, over-privileged, smug Nazi face from ever appearing on American television again, which has been a large part of your paycheck :)

After that, we'll irrationally blame arrogant, falsely-entitled, misogynistic, British white men, with fascist tendencies, for all of America's problems, banning the UK from being able to buy our COVID vaccines, life-saving pharmaceuticals, Microsoft and Apple products, and receiving any military assistance or space technology, when needed.

Now, you know I'm just "joking," like Piers was - just a little "tongue-in-cheek" toxic-level American nationalism and white-British-male bashing - no harm in that, right?

Wrong - there is always harm eventually done by fanning the flames of toxic-level nationalism, as well as race, faith, and/or or gender-based hate, whichever sides of those coins you fall on.

Told you, the biggest reason why Meghan was an even bigger scapegoat than Kate in Britain was because she was American and half-black - toxic-level nationalism, racism, and sexism - Piers just came right out and admitted it!

This would also be Exhibit B, ladies and gentlemen, of dysfunctional family/group mindset of pretending and enabling a toxic group-system mentality - which is literally group-enabled mental illness, by definition.

What's that you were saying, Conservatives, about sexism, racism, and fascism not existing anymore?

Dohkay - I love dysfunctional-family style pretending and scapegoating - it's my favorite! ;)

And the Queen says nothing about this toxic-level nationalism, racism, and sexism towards Meghan, and instead, schedules a little BBC interview, featuring herself, William, and Kate - at the same time as the Oprah interview - as a distraction or what?

And she orders Buckingham Palace to investigate claims of Meghan bullying the staff, but doesn't investigate Prince Andrew's involvement with Jeffrey Epstein?


(The "bullying" story which, mind you, came out four days before the Oprah interview, though the incident supposedly happened in 2018.)

At first, I didn't think this Oprah interview was a good idea.  Though I knew she was doing it to defend herself (because the royal family won't), I thought it wouldn't help accusations of her as "attention-seeking" - which, by the way, were the same claims made about Diana at first, though she actually died trying to escape attention.

However, with the odd pre-emptive smear campaign and odd decisions the queen made, this week?

It makes it at least appear that someone in the royal family is guilty of something  and trying to distract from Meghan's interview -  terrified Meghan will be believed? ;)

Thus, at this point, I've changed my mind - so I say,
"Spill it, Meghan - spill it alllllll, and let the chips fall" :)

And I hope Diana is watching from wherever she is, when you do :)

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