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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

What Could Be Done? Several Things ...

I don't know about Texas, but here in Lexington, any visitors during the school day have to buzz in to the front desk, who approves your entrance, and this is for all K-12 - did they not have them there or has Texas defunded their public schools that much?

Also, there are metal detectors in all schools, and infrared ones in high schools. 

We don't have to take away all guns - but here's some things we can do:  

1)  Ban on AR-15s and/or any rapid-firing semi-automatic or automatic assault weapons for civilians - there is just no good reason for civilians to own those. 


2)  Age requirement of at least 21 considering most of these shootings in recent years have been males under age 21.


3) 14-to-30-day waiting period to buy guns  - giving the potential shooter time to cool off and rethink decisions and consequences and/or mood change if disturbed.


4) Mandatory training classes before purchase/during waiting period - not only will people know the correct way to use a firearm, but the certified instructor can alert law enforcement and/or the mental health community if there are red flags.

That's just off the top of my head, there many other things we could do, but do SOMETHING, Congress, ya bunch of political cowards ...


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