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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Those Balcony-Garden Beginnings and Blooms, I Mentioned ...


The two "White Eyes" Fuschia on the left are actually hanging baskets -  but I'm sitting them there to soak up the morning sun.  I'll then hang them from the shaded, covered part of my balcony for the afternoon/evening. 

This routine seems to be working well for them.  

In fact, you won't believe this,  but when I got them on Mother's Day -  just one week ago -  they each had about four blooms on them a piece. 

Look at them now, after just one week of this routine!

More blooms to grow, but hey - I might be getting the hang of this flower-care/gardening thing after all? 

(Totally knocking on wood, as I say that).

And they're so fragrant, in the afternoon and evening -  once I move them into the shade - wonderful! 

The balcony-rail planter, I just got yesterday, in which I planted "Tattoo-Raspberry" Vinca and white "Snow Princess"  Sweet Alyssum, which hopefully will eventually cascade/trail down in front of the in the planter, but I just planted them, so we'll see. 

Immediately after I planted them, of course, we had a pop up thunderstorm, which pummeled them and dumped four inches of rain in an hour and made the national weather news channels lol.  However, I think they survived - whew!

I wanted to see how they looked in the planter first, but now I'm off to make a second one, so that they eventually will go all along the balcony rail, in the full sun part of the balcony.

Thus, the other post I mentioned will have to wait. 

Happy Sunday!

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