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Monday, May 9, 2022

SNL's Cold Open Takes on Justice Alito's Praise of Medieval British Abortion Law


As mentioned, if you're anti-abortion/pro-life because you truly want to preserve the sanctity of life, or you fear more state government-institution racial abuse in the form of forced mass abortions, i.e. those that legitimately happened to Native Americans from 1973 to 1976 - then I get you.

HOWEVER -  if you're anti-abortion because you have a need to control what women do and how they behave, if a man - or what other women do/how they behave, if a woman - and that they should be punished for their "sin," without mercy or consideration for their individual circumstances  - then I don't get you at all - and perhaps consider worrying more about your own sin and soul?

Unfortunately, Justice Alito put himself in the latter box, when he quoted a 17th century English Jurist (Judge)  named Sir Matthew Hale on abortion law - THIS LINK takes you directly to the PDF of the Alito's full draft - note Page 18 in particular.

First of all - this is America in 2022 - not 17th century England.

You know, England ... the country we left mostly to escape religious persecution (only to turn right around and persecute, imprison, and witch-hunt/execute ourselves over faith pre-constitution), and the the country we later fought a war with for our independence?

Not to mention, in the 17th century, child-bearing/marriage age was like ... 12.

And if your crops failed, you could blame a woman, accuse her of being a witch without proof, and have her stoned, crushed by stone, hung, or burned.

In fact, and secondly, Sir Matthew Hale executed two women for witchcraft - PLUS - wrote a thesis on there being no such thing as marital rape as women were the property of their husbands.


Oh, hell, yeah -  let's base our 21st century American legal  abortion decisions on a misogynistic, Cromwellian-era British witch-burner!  

Yeah, no - I don't think so. 
I think we can do better.

Yeah, so ... you're going need to find a better argument/precedent set than that, Samuel "Cotton Mather" Alito 
 -  sorry.

Regardless, SNL  dug back even further -with guest host Benedict Cumberbatch -  to apparently 1235 England, upon which Sir Matthew Hale apparently based HIS decisions?  LOL!!!


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