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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

14 Mass Shootings Resulting in Injury or Death, Over The Memorial Day Weekend - and the "Sandy Hook Promise" ...

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In addition to the shots fired by a white man, in our middle/upper-middle-class,  predominantly-white neighborhood  (see posts below,  though luckily no one was injured), there were apparently 14 mass shootings in America, over the weekend, that did result in injury or death (NBC News).

Also, several of the parents of "Sandy Hook Promise"  have reached out to the Uvalde parents to say "We're here, when you're ready" - to let them know they're not alone.

Do you think these parents even care what race, religion, sexual orientation, or political party the shooter belonged to?

Because they don't. 

All they know what happened to their children and what they personally experienced -  and that it should never happen again - but it did.

Do you also you imagine these children weren't the sons and daughters of BOTH Republicans and Democrats, or that they weren't all races and faiths?

Because they were.

Also, for those of you spewing conspiracy theories, as mentioned below, Alex Jones - propagator of both the Sandy Hook political conspiracy theory and the Pizzagate conspiracy theory - was sued by some of these Sandy Hook parents for defamation - AND LOST. 

Do you understand how difficult and how extremely rare it is to win a defamation case in America?

You first have prove the accusations false, if you can - which is difficult, because innocence has no  tangible evidence. 

Next, in an actual defamation trial, the judge and jury don't care that your social and professional reputation were ruined, they don't care if you were bullied or received harassment - they don't even care if you received death threats.

What the judge and jury in a defamation trial care about is the legal definition of defamation - you MUST also prove that the defamation either directly resulted in actual violence towards you - OR - you were financially affected by the defamation, that you literally lost employment/income as a direct result of the defamation  - or both.

The Sandy Hook parents were able to do this - successfully.

Thus, please think carefully and provide indisputable evidence, before creating or repeating political conspiracy theories about these incidents?

Just step back and think, "What if I'm wrong?"

Well, nothing happens to you -  but for the parents, in addition to never getting over the loss of their children, you've falsely accused them of being complicit, by helping to "stage"  the incident with "paid actors"  or that they helped "set up" these incidents, by employing a shooter to do it -   stripping these grieving families of any community support they could have and should have received.

But maybe you don't care about that/them?

Maybe you're ...

1)  Irresponsibly spewing gossip you've heard to be the center of attention, without regard to the effects on the lives of others.


2)  Selfishly spewing whatever crazy thing pops into your head, to promote to your political platform and win elections, whether you truly believe it or not.

If either of those two reasons are the impetus for you spreading this (dys)information without proof -  especially in the cases of  Sandy Hook or Uvalde -  then yes -  you ARE a monster.


Well, because most people don't jump over the moral hurdle of empathy and concern for what might happen to those grieving families of murdered children if they're wrong, at least so easily and without even a moment's hesitation - especially if they consciously know that they're false rumors/ accusations.

Now, if there WAS hesitation, but it was because you feared what your friends and family might think about you, rather than empathy for the children and their families? 

Sorry - that is NOT morality - even sociopaths and some psychopaths  are capable of that.

All that means is that you have no internal moral compass and thus need external guidance, societal laws and limits to stop you - because without them, you'd amorally run amuck.

Such a person is considered a "monster" - a sociopath or psychopath - because most humans DO have an internal moral compass, which stops them from doing wrong or harming others, simply because they know it's morally wrong  - not JUST because of societal opinion, limits, or laws which prevent them from doing wrong or harming others (it's a range and to varying degrees, but yes).

Birds of a sociopathic feather will often flock together - especially finding each other on the internet, as any law enforcement agency will tell you -  so don't assume because there's a group of them flocking together that mob rule makes the mob morally right ;)

In addition to publicly displaying sociopathic tendencies, by jumping such a moral hurdle so easily, they've also proven to you that they actually don't give a fig about the safety of children, or even the truth - all they care about is being the center of attention in a gossip circle, appearing to be the most informed/right, and/or that their political party wins.

No, you didn't pull the trigger on the children, but you might as well have, on their grieving families - or at the very least, you've accused, blamed, and convicted them as criminals, as well as sentenced them to solitary confinement for life -  without an ounce of actual proof - just your "belief."  :(

At the very least - just in case you're wrong -  please show at least some some basic human decency, before irresponsibly and selfishly espousing your political-conspiracy beliefs? 



I am soooo tired of the argument, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people."

Yes, that's true - but we don't need to make it so easy for them by providing unrestricted access to guns, now, do we? 

Because let's face it, a gun is the quickest, most efficient way to kill somebody, if you're so inclined.

Unless you, yourself, are using a gun to defend yourself from gun violence - using a gun to kill someone is also the most cowardly way to kill someone besides using a bomb from a distance.

Because you don't have to look someone in the eye and kill them with a gun -  you can be several yards away.

Plus, you can escape the scene more quickly, without DNA attached unless the weapon is found.

I say let's not make it easy for  "people to kill people" by allowing just anyone to own a gun and and have access to the quick, efficient, easy way, from a distance -  let's put as many barriers as we can to prevent it.

That way, if they're going to do kill someone, they will at least have to get right up in their  victims faces and look them in the eyes first ;) 

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