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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Texas Elementary School Shooting: Enough is Enough ...


We don't have to take guns away, but DO SOMETHING, Congress!

Enough political bullshit!

Stop blaming race, faith, or citizenship, because it's clear that all races, faith, and citizenship status have been become shooters now!

Stop dancing with the NRA lobbyists and their multimillion-dollar donations!

THIS is becoming a pandemic (or at least an epidemic, in America)!

It's time we put the safety of this country and our children before ourselves and political donations from lobbyists to this politician or that, to have them in their pockets!

It's time we do SOME form of gun-control legislation.

18 young children and a teacher, my God, they were just babies - what is it going to take, America? 

So, so sad, I can't even imagine ...

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