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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Mother's Day Thoughts: The Kentucky Diaper Sales Tax


Following along the thoughts of my earlier post, this week, about the possible overturn of Roe Vs. Wade -  where I'd said if this happens, then we need to start thinking about better ways we can both financially and emotionally support mothers, which includes things like providing affordable child care, flex-time in workplaces, allowing for extra sick days for working mothers with sick children.

Additionally, we also need to think about the "little" things that make a big budget-impact difference - things like changing tax laws for things like diapers, which are taxed at a greater rate than groceries, in some states, as if luxuries.

(For the record, the same states also taxes necessary feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons at the same rate.)

This includes my state of Kentucky - 1 of 14 states that taxes diapers at  a 7% sales  tax - resulting in spending at least $100 a month on diapers in 2021, and promises to be even more, this year,  considering current rate of inflation.

There aren't enough coupons, cash-back apps, or points cards in the world to offset that cost.

Once again, you cannot just federally outlaw abortion without a plan in place to support these women and children, financially and emotionally - and if your desire is truly to protect the unborn and the sanctity of life, rather than punish women for "sin" or not living their lives the way you think they should, then you'll be more than happy to do so :)

I know that most of these same people would like these women to instead get married and stay married - most of whom are themselves several-times married - so let's snap out of it, stop living in la la land, and face reality, shall we? :) 

Speaking of reality, I'd like to wish a Happy Mother's Day - to both traditional and nontraditional mothers, biological or not, biologically female or not, married or not, gay or straight, Christian or not,  :)

This also includes also mothers of fur babies,  and just generally nurturing and encouraging people, who are, with or without biological children, nevertheless still mothers, in my view  :)

Happy Mother's Day!

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