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Sunday, May 29, 2022

UPDATE: So Despite One TV News Outlet Being Here, It's Not In the Local News - At Least Not Yet ...


But like I said, the news car seemed to leave fairly early and there were no ambulances -  leading me to believe my neighbor was wrong, it wasn't an active shooter - it was likely either domestic violence or some guy just popping off his firearm outside in the air.

It was definitely outside, because we heard it clearly - so I'm going to guess some dude got drunk and was just popping off in the air?

Incredibly unsafe and stupid thing to do after Uvalde and is unlawful discharge of a firearm,  but it would explain the 6 cop cars showing up, local police just being safe after Uvalde.

Clearly, at one point, he had it aimed at cops because they were crouching behind their cruisers.

Either way, no one was hurt, thank goodness, and dude went away in handcuffs - but the police told us nothing.

Nobody in the complex knew the guy at all, which is kind of weird because we all know everybody, or at least have seen everyone.

This is a very safe neighborhood, nothing bad ever happens here and we're all pretty friendly with each other -  but I feel weird now, unsafe, and my nightmares came back (I have PTSD).

When I initially heard the shots, I thought it was on TV, then I considered fireworks for a half second, being Memorial Day Weekend - but there's kind of a "snap" to a gunshot that really makes it unmistakable.

We didn't call the cops because we couldn't tell exactly where the shots were coming from, but apparently someone else did.

Just goes to show you, this can now happen anywhere -  this is where we are in America, folks, with unrestricted gun ownership.



Yes, I knew there would be something, said "elsewhere" LOL!!!

I realize I'm being baited, at a site I just checked, after I wrote this, solely because I knew there would be ;)

Aw, must be lonely and in need of female attention again.  Of course I won't dare comment there, haven't in literally years, but here's a reaction for you ... 

Oh, Hey, Asshole - long time, no see ...
But I see you - and your psychopath female friend that you call like a dog to sicc on people that you consider your political opponents (stalking/harassing them both online and in their real lives, if they ever even once politely questioned you)  - are still talking to yourselves with several IDs and still consciously peddling false accusations and dysinformation, calling it "freedom of speech."  
Sigh, some things never change, I guess.   We can always count on you for nonsensical conspiracy theory, libel, defamation, and dysinformation, and thus a good laugh -  not just about liberal politicians, but anyone on social media/blogging who ever made the unfortunate mistake of making it clear they're a liberal or so much as scratched their head over what you're saying and questioned you.
And it's funny -  from the looks of it, you haven't mentioned Uvalde until now, it looks like you've still been obsessing on the vaccines being a New World Order mind-control device or some shit lol. 
So either you've been trying to find a way to spin it into a conspiracy all week, and came up with nothing until now -  or you read my post about what happened here, last night  - or both lol. 
First of all, the Sandy Hook parents sued the far-right evangelical Alex Jones of Infowars for defamation over his conspiracy about Sandy Hook - AND WON.  
(Recall that Alex was both the creator and spreader of both the Sandy Hook and Pizzagate conspiracy theories, among others.)    
Alex lost the case because he provided no evidence whatsoever for his accusations, which resulted in death threats and harassments to the grieving families - and most importantly for a legal defamation case - loss of employment and income. 
So not only were these families grieving over the loss of their murdered children, but on top of that, Alex Jones falsely accused them with political conspiracy, which resulted in making them community pariahs and loss of employment and income :( 
Thus, all that is being decided in court now is payments to the families, which has been delayed because his outlet, Infowars, filed for bankruptcy (to avoid paying them)?. 


Secondly, seriously - you don't even know what the eff you're talking about - you don't even live in this country! lol
You don't know our culture, you don't know our laws, state OR federal  -  you're trusting people on Twitter for information, whom you don't even know personally or if they even actually exist lol.
There's plenty of stuff going on in your own country to talk about, but then I guess it's harder for you, because people there can disprove you more easily and know when you're lying?  ;)


But then we all know you'll sicc your aforementioned little "bitch" on them, if they even try -  then say you had nothing to do with it, it had nothing to do with politics - your  excuse being that she "claims" to be liberal feminist and therefore you don't condone her behavior when she "acts up."  
Well,  her main ID claims to be liberal, so I guess that 's been working for you as excuse - with idiots. 
Because people with actual brains would know that true liberals would never regularly allow, and interact with, a known white-male racist blogger from Alabama to comment on their site with his second ID - called "Little Nigglet" - using a picture of an unfortunate-looking black man in impersonation!!!


Now, you would think your readers would find this "friendship" with a liberal feminist incongruent  anyway -  because you admittedly don't have any liberal friends because you don't trust liberals, especially feminists,   calling them all "evil muvvers" and "Demrats" - but I guess the three or four commenters you have left - that aren't actually still you or her, using other IDs -  clearly aren't exactly mental heavyweights, anyway lol.
Thirdly, some white dude fired off six shots in my normally very safe, very middle-class apartment complex, last night, and six cop cars and the news showed up. 
Why don't you come here, to Kentucky, to my neighborhood, and see how many members of "Elite Illuminati" live here or even in my entire state?  LOL! 

(Well, I take that back - the only person on either political side powerful enough to ever be even loosely construed as "illuminati" would be Mitch McConnell, but he definitely is not a liberal lol) 

You know you are certifiably insane, if you really believe that, right? lol 
And that conspiracy theory about Uvalde doesn't even make any sense. 


Why would "elitist" liberals choose a poor Latino kid, living with his grandparents, to shoot poor Latino children, hmm? 
Wouldn't they choose a rich white-male kid from a Christian family to do it to make them look bad, hmm? 
Damn, if you're going to peddle conspiracy theories, at least make some sense and you perhaps might want to consider not contradicting known liberal political platforms? lol.  
Because we liberals are the  ones that don't like guns and love Latinos, legal or not. remember?!?  


So do you, like, EVER ask yourself these questions and critically think through the information, before you regurgitate it? 
Or you're just assuming your readers are THAT stupid and won't?  ;)

Actually, it's not funny, it's beyond socially irresponsible and quickly approaching pure evil - because I know that at least sometimes, you KNOW you're lying/peddling bullshit, and especially I know you read my post, last night, and are trying to bait me after saying my PTSD alarms went off. 
But do carry on - it amuses sane people and also gave me a much-needed laugh, this morning. 
Plus, eventually your false accusations and lies will catch up to you - you'd think you would've learned that lesson by now, but perhaps not enough - no worries, the current favoring of dysinformation and false accusations under "freedom of speech" will not last forever and someday, you're going to overplay that hand  :) 
Love and kisses! 


Now he's pulled in a meme from somebody who rarely comments there anymore, whom he knows I like - which is a meme parodying a new headline that says "Local Carpenter Continues to Spread Dysinformation," showing Jesus.


Again, written only here on my blog only ...

Okay, so ... first of all ...  did you seriously just use that meme that A sent you to compare yourself -  and the aforementioned; dysinformation, lies, and false accusations you spew, consciously knowing they are, for political gain -   to Jesus and his message?!?
Secondly, based past experience, I am 99.9% sure the person that sent that meme was just sending it generally, having no idea of what game you're trying to play, right now - NOT to appear to take your side versus mine on this issue. 
With all of your dishonesty, deceit, and manipulation - which must be exhausting, by the way - you actually have the audacity to compare yourself to Christ or vainly imagine Jesus would ever approve of and condone most of what you say? 


You do realize that comparing yourself to Christ only further proves you a whack-a-doodle, right? 
Jesus' s message was one of love, compassion, forgiveness, and social justice and equality - NOT fear, hatred, and haves and have nots - and he didn't need to resort to lies, deceit, and manipulation to win people over to his message, like you do. 


In fact, YOUR message is the furthest away from Christ's message that I have likely ever heard, from someone claiming to be a fellow Christian - which leads me to suspect that Christ doesn't truly live anywhere in, or even in the near vicinity of, your heart.  
In fact, if Jesus ever said or did anything even remotely like you, I never would've become a Christian.


But again, do carry on ...  with your delusions of grandeur and Christian persecution complex, Armchair-Warrior Recluse ... from your underground bunker ...   in your tin foil hat ... talking to yourself online using various IDs to make it appear you have more support for this nonsense than you actually do :) 
Now that it's finally sunny again and the drama from last night has passed, we're off to spend the afternoon with our horse for a paddock picnic! :)

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