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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Trevor Noah's Beloved Gran, "GoGo," Passes at 95 ...

 I posted about her when I wrote this post after reading Trevor's book, "Born a Crime"  and being touched by the multigenerational perspective on life in South Africa, during and after apartheid.

Trevor waxes poetic about his gran -  how much she had seen, how resilient she was, how remarkable, how precious - and how much she influenced Trevor's life, including the title of that book.. 

(There is a video of Trevor interviewing her in that previous post).  

After a hard and hard-working life, without pay under apartheid,  and several grandchildren and great-children, GoGo died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 95 - Trevor posted this tribute to her on Instagram.  

Rest now in peace, remarkable lady,  you've earned it -  you did well :)

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