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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Putin's Appearance - "Moon Facies?"


I initially added this to the post below, but I decided since that post was all about giving praise for positive changes in US and the UK policy and more transparent intel, this needed to be a separate post.

So ... did anyone else think Putin looked especially pale and unusually bloated, in the face, in the "threat" video?

(In fact, that's why I called him a "bloated codfish" in my earlier post.)

He did to me - almost what is called "moon facies" in medical terminology - which although can result from several health conditions, can also form when a person has been on high-dose, corticosteroids (like prednisone) long term for a health condition with severe or chronic inflammation.

If so, that sure would explain a lot lol.

Not that we would ever know - Putin's the kind of leader that would pretend he's in perfect health until the end - and Russian press  would report he's still alive, even if he died lol.

Not sure, but he didn't look so good, did he?

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