Thursday, February 10, 2022

Redemption is Sweet: Nathan Chen Takes the Gold :)

I've been a little busy, this week, because somebody's 60th birthday is coming up, this weekend.  Now, who could that be?  Just some guy I know ...  ;)

However, I did just catch the replay of Nathan Chen's free-skate performance in this morning's news feed, sealing the gold :)

After a disappointing performance in PeongChang in 2018 (although he did still manage to become the first Olympic skater to land a quad flip), the Quad King has redeemed himself, and then some - fulfilling the vow he made at 10 years old to take home the  Olympic gold!

You can watch his final free-skate performance, sealing the deal HERE (the video isn't available to embed and share here yet).

If you haven't watched Nathan Chen before, you'll note that he's a stronger athlete than he is a "dancer" or performer on the ice - but it's those difficult quad combinations and the height he achieves on his jumps, to perform that many revolutions, that rack up those points.  

You can have all the stage presence, dance and crowd-pleasing performance skills in the world - but if you can't do the difficult jumps and stick those landings on ice, better to become a stage dancer instead, because fuggetaboudit, when it comes to bringing home the gold. 

'Atta boy, Nathan, we're so proud of you! 

 PS - Especially an accomplishment, considering the COVID situation, and I understand that there is some controversy over the way athletes are being treated that test positive for COVID, the conditions they're being placed in, in quarantine.  

I understand that we have to keep people safe, and I'm all for precautions, masks and vaccines - but they're not prisoners - in fact, they're the world's best athletes - but it is communist China. 

(Anti-mask and anti-vax people, take note - it could be much, much worse for you -  you could be in Communist China during COVID.)

If these reports are true, I'm in hopes there will be consequences from the Olympic committee, and that they will more carefully consider  whether holding Olympic events in current China is a good idea, in the future. 

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