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Friday, February 4, 2022

Some Post-Ice-Storm Visitors :)

So we had an ice storm, yesterday, which layered what we call "black ice" on the roads (ice you can't see because it's so clear), followed by a light snowfall on top (making it extra dangerous) - but this morning, some nature babies dropped by for some food :) 

These two are still pretty young, very playful - and I like to believe they're Miss Gibbley's babies (though likely not).

As you may have read, in September 2020, my husband found Miss Gibbley on road, having been hit by a car, after having giving birth to two babies a couple of months prior, which she used to bring to our balcony with her to eat.

There are a few other squirrels that drop by on occasion, too.  These two, in particular, are very well mannered and patient, like Gibbley - but only Gibbley had no fear of us.

She would literally eat out of my hand, lay stretched out on the balcony rail with me and take a nap, in the summer,  when I was sitting outside, and she would literally come to the French door windows and scratch twice, then run up on the balcony and wait for me :)

She was the prettiest, smartest, sweetest, friendliest squirrel - she was such a  comfort, during COVID lockdown, after Snuggy Pug passed away in late March of 2020.

Miss you, Snuggy Pug and Gibbs :(

But, so as not to end on a sad note, we enjoy all our visits from all of our nature babies, courtesy of the big birch tree near our balcony :)

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