Thursday, February 24, 2022

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So ... half of Americans don't trust Biden, Democrats, or reputable press on COVID, vaccines, elections,  election interference by Russia, or virtually anything else - but they DO believe them that the Russian invasion of the Ukraine is real. 

Well, that's good -  although it will still come as a surprise to many, because right-wing press didn't even start mentioning the Ukraine until the past 2 days, after the CIA and Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said invasion was imminent. 

The good news is, despite initial warmongering from Republicans - and despite Trump praising Putin as "savvy" and Trump's cult followers treating it like an edict from God - actual Republican congress members themselves are supporting severe sanctions and relief aid to the Ukraine, but not war - with Lindsey Graham stating to think carefully before jumping in or it would be World War III.

Pay attention, because this is the only time I have or will ever say these words - I agree with Lindsey Graham, on this one.

You will note, however, that they are very careful to say they "we support aid" - but not "we support Biden's plan"  - but the fact remains -  they certainly are lol. 

Because in fact, Biden, his administration, and the CIA didn't lie - they correctly predicted this and the timing of this - and they have given zero propaganda to try to involve us - a sharp turn from Republican leadership's way of doing this.

Kudos to President Zelensky, by the way, who has chosen to remain in Kyiv, despite other world leaders encouraging him to leave.

A far cry from Trump, who you may recall, hid in a bunker below the White House, over unarmed George Floyd protestors lol.  So you know, Trump would've been long gone out of the country, by now, all that man cares about is himself.

In fact, I can't help but tear up, watching the Ukrainian army gear up yesterday, in a fight they cannot win, but nevertheless, are willing to  sacrifice their lives to defend themselves and their independence.

I also can't help but think about how spoiled and stupid we Americans are, ready to be up in arms and revolt, just because somebody told us to wear a mask or get a vaccine or be tested before coming to work.

Point being, pay attention, my spoiled fellow Americans - masks and vaccines are not legitimate, sane reasons to be up in arms - literal military invasion of your country is a legitimate reason.

So I feel very sorry for the Ukrainian people, I do - but we also have to be careful, especially after Putin's crazy-ass threat of consequences to any country that interferes - making himself literally sound like Dr. Evil lol.  

BTW - what the ??? was with that threat, anyway?

It's like he stopped just short of banging his shoe on the podium and shouting "We will bury you!" like Khrushchev.

Oh, eff off, Putin, ya bloated codfish - do what you feel you must,  but know this - NOBODY thinks you're cool, except China, Trump, and a few other political-fringers, with a warped medieval sense of what it means to be a man, a Christian, and a leader.  

If you're so eager to start unnecessary fights, why don't you go wrestle a (trained) bear again, instead? :)

*HOWEVER* - I digress and admit -  just how many of the latter group of political-fringers are there, still hiding in the world? 

Because the number of them still in existence did surprise us all, when it came to Trump.

Putin may be crazy, but it's previously been a controlled crazy, and he's definitely not stupid - there's a reason he's doing this despite outwardly appearing that he has no support - what is that reason?

Regardless - aid, sanctions, and prayer - that's all we can do and should do, IMO - for now.

Lastly, IMO, people should've found it odd, that Trump praised Putin as "savvy" and "a genius."

But then again, these are people that didn't care if Russia interfered in the 2016 election, as long as Trump won, and admired Putin almost as much as they did Trump.

Be forewarned - as I tried to warn you in October 2016 (post put in draft in 2019, along with most others) -  after being given a bone-chilling heads up from some of Mark's former ranger buddies, still in action, about Trump and Putin's relationship and possible Russian interference in that upcoming election  ...

Though you may still not care yet, about Trump's relationship with Putin, Russian interference in the 2016 election (as long as Trump won?), and Trump withholding funds from the Ukraine - at some point, you WILL care.

At some point, as we go along,  you will know what a monster Putin truly is, and how Trump's relationship with Putin was a bigger deal than you thought. 

Putin is NOT someone to revere, but to revile ... 



To Mark's ranger friends, still in action - thank you - still praying for you xo

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