Friday, February 25, 2022

Link Fixed In The Below Post - And More From That Post That May Be of Interest?

... the link that leads to that New Year's Eve Post has been fixed - sorry about that!

Here is that link again, to that New Year's Eve post. 

Just in case you have link trouble, again, it's from New Year's Eve and it's called ""

Lol, that may seem a strange title, but that is because the post was originally about Betty White's Death - but then I rambled into this strange feeling that I had about the coming year, a feeling that I couldn't shake -  that something big was coming, possibly with a global effect, a mix of bad and good, or more accurately, bad then good.

In correcting the link, I just reread the entire post, not just about that sense that I had, but also about my realization when writing it that it also marked the "transitional" decade from the end of the Mayan calendar, and what that actually meant to the Mayans  - NOT the end of the world, but a resetting of the clock - as well as what the Mayans said would transpire during that "transitional decade (or more)" between "epochs," because the end of the calendar also marked the end of a Mayan epoch of time.

Below are the other excerpts from that post, the most important ones that ring eerily true.

Other than copy/pasting what I wrote, the post remains unaltered - I haven't changed a single word or even corrected typos ...

"You see, the reason the Mayan calendar is circular (much like a rudimentary form of Einstein's theory), rather than linear, is the Mayans believe that history will repeat itself in cyclical fashion, broken down by "epochs" of time, with each epoch lasting for approximately 70 to 80 years.

The end of each epoch is marked by a tumultuous transition period into a new epoch, lasting at least 10 years, sometimes more.

The transition is tumultuous because one person, one world power, one political movement, and/or one "energy" will "upset the balance of power" - essentially, he/she/they will make an unprecedented attempt at total "world" domination (their perception of the world), at "owning the world," in stepping-stone conquests.

But the good news is, thus far, despite owning parts of the world - not one of these attempts has ever been completely successful at possessing all of the world.

That is, of course, because they are met with much resistance from those fighting for freedom and independence - which causes a ripple effect around the world, often lasting at least a decade - and then will settle down back down again in semi-acceptance, regardless of what land or power is gained or lost, which will bubble up again and build until the end of the next epoch."

"... In fact, social change will be met with much resistance by those desperately holding onto to their power from the previous epoch, even if dying.

Now - again, when the Mayan calendar actually ended in 2012, nobody was sure what that meant, including the Mayans themselves lol. The Mayans didn't predict an apocalypse, though still a possibility, however unlikely.

HOWEVER - the end of the calendar did also mark the end of a Mayan 70-to-80-year epoch.

Thus, Mayans predicted this might the mother of all chaotic epoch-endings, and not just typical end-epoch turmoil stuff - but the beginning of an all-time global crisis, mass chaos, closer than ever to global war - but no one was sure what that would mean - climate, geopolitically, apocalypse, what?

HOWEVER, despite being written in stone, the future itself is not written in stone - the Mayan calendar also leaves room for us to change our course, for several options at a future, a chance to to change it - each epoch's end is merely test us on how well did we learn our lessons from the chaos at the end of last great epoch end, when the chaos emerged again at the end of this one?

The Mayan Calendar then rings eerily true, then, yes?

And not in hindsight like other "predictions."

Regardless, interesting, at the very least. 

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