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Thursday, February 3, 2022

True Story: My Husband's Confrontation with Trump-Supporting "Kentucky Kroger Karen" Today lol

As I've said, I don't like to use the term "Karen," because even though it's often true, we have no  male equivalent, though plenty of men act this way, too - mostly white males in the Republican party ;)

And yet there are true women Karens out there - and sometimes, the shoe fits.

This time, however, the shoe was on the other foot - my husband was the one asking for customer service assistance, after he admittedly made a mistake, just to see if anything could be done.

We're about to have an ice storm, this afternoon, so my husband was rushing around this morning, trying to make sure our horse was set, and went by Kroger's for a few items in case we're stuck in for a day or so. 

 He went by a different Kroger than we normally go to, Chinoe (pronounced "Shin-uh-way," believed to be Native American ) Kroger, which although is smaller and less busy, it's also in a wealthy, white, conservative part of town.

Unfortunately, he realized he left the bag with chicken in it at Kroger's.

He immediately called the store and the lady at the customer service desk was completely rude.

Now truth be told, my husband, being from Detroit, has less patience with rude people than I do (unless I have a migraine lol), but I don't blame him on this one.

Rude Kroger CSR: "Well, no one's turned anything in, so you're out of luck.  You need to check your bags or cart before driving away."


Mark:  "Yeah, I know, you're right, I was in a hurry, with the ice storm coming, but I literally just left, you can check the time on my receipt - any way we can check the cash register or the carts? I was at the third one from the left." 

"I'm on my way back, right now, to look myself, but maybe you could do a quick scan before I get there, and if you find it, hold it for me before someone else gets a free chicken?"


Rude Kroger CSR:  "No."


Mark:  "No?  No, meaning you won't hold it, or no, you won't check? Did you seriously just say no?" 

"Okay, I literally just left the store.  I'm just asking you to please check, or someone else can check, maybe your manager, and hold it for me?" 

"Sorry, it was just one of those big packages for $9 bucks or I wouldn't care, I've got the receipt, I'll bring it."

She says nothing, puts him on hold.

Manager gets on -  though my husband didn't ask to speak to the manager.

Manager: "Hey - well, I'm sorry, it looks like somebody after you must've gotten a free package of chicken, but no problem, just come back and get another one, no worries, we're all hectic with this ice storm coming."

So my husband goes back, with his receipt, and goes to customer service.

Unfortunately, it was the rude lady. 


Rude Kroger CSR:  "You're not getting another package of chicken, we see this all the time.  You're just trying to get free food!"


Mark:  "Are you kidding me with this?  Lady, your manager just told me to bring my receipt and get another one." 

" I may be in my dirty barn clothes, for my horse, but I'm a data analyst for FCPS, I can afford food, it's just I literally just left the store." 

"You should be used to that in Lexington, by now - some of the wealthiest horse-farm owners in Lexington may come in muddy from head to toe, dealing with their horses, but less so in this suburban area, I guess. Still, you never know who you're waiting on."


"But I tell you what we can do now - since you're so sure I'm stealing, why don't you go get that manager, and you can explain why you're not doing what he said - PLUS get the security footage, while you're there.  Then the three of us will watch it together, so we can all see what really happened to the chicken.  I'll make time.  Go on, then, since you're so sure you're right :)"


Rude Kroger CSR:  "Fine, go get the chicken, but hurry up."


He gets a package and she rings it through, then gives him a lecture, loudly, so that everyone around can hear.

Rude Kroger CSR "Next time, check your bags and cart again.  People?  It's your responsibility to check your bags and your cart, not ours, we don't have time for this."


Mark:  "Lady, I've already told you, you're right, it was my mistake and I was sorry for the trouble, but enough with the attitude. I definitely don't need your lectures." 

"My mind is on my old horse, right now, with the ice storm coming.  Don't you ever make mistakes while worried and preoccupied?"


Rude Kroger CSR:  "Not like this."



Mark:  "Oh, okay.  What is your problem?  What are you, the chicken Nazi?" 

"For all I know, YOU could've taken it,  yourself, which could be why you wouldn't even check when asked." 


"Let me ask you a question -  did you vote for Trump?"


Rude Kroger CSR "Yes, I did!" 


Mark "I thought so, that explains  your overly suspicious, arrogant attitude, projecting your own tendency to lie, cheat, and steal onto everybody else, as distraction. Have fun storming the capitol!" 


- and he left.



Go Mark!

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