Friday, February 25, 2022

So ... Remember When I Said ...

(Important PS added -   information and insights on reality versus pro-Russian disinformation - which is currently making its way into Western social media, to include faked videos  - from "B," who you may recall previous posts mentioning as our "honorary son."   In addition to "B" currently obtaining a master's degree at an Ivy League university in internet security with a focus on Russian disinformation, speaking fluent Russian, and having written a white paper on an algorithm that he had written, which identified Russian bots distributing disinformation on social media, he was hand-selected to work on a special internet security project for the DOD, though still in school.)



... the following, in THIS post from New Year's Eve?

Direct copy/paste from that unaltered post ...

"It's sort of like, "Okay ... what ELSE is coming our way in 2022?" LOL 
Probably nothing - but I WILL say - as crazy as this sounds - or crazier than I normally may sound (lol) - I do feel like something is spiritually shifting, I've felt that way all week. 
As you can see from my prior posts around New Year's, I don't really get especially spiritual around New Year's - New Year's Day has always been just another day to me, nothing especially spiritual about it. 
And yet I've had this feeling all week - which is what these more spiritual posts have been about.  
Maybe it's just for us, maybe global. And I can't tell you whether it's good or bad change - maybe both - but it feels like something is on its way, something different? 
I'm in hopes it will be "The Year of The Great White Settle-the-F-Down" - but that's not looking too good :) 
(And by that, I do NOT mean named for Betty White, who was irrepressible - I mean less noble "whites" who get their "knickers in a knot" over self-induced, paranoid nonsense.) 
So maybe it's all just wishful thinking ;) 
Or maybe subconsciously - which I didn't realize consciously until this moment - I was aware this was the 10-year mark of the end of the Mayan Calendar."

Yeah, so ... this would be it.  

But I have the sense that the Ukraine invasion isn't the only thing, I have a sense that there's more? 

HOWEVER - and I can't explain this, and I don't mean to sound inappropriate, right now, just hopeful - that despite the horror of all of this, I still have that strange sense of mix of bad and good  change -  or rather, maybe bad, then good?

Sort of like even though this is a horrible thing, something good will  eventually be found/discovered/ revealed among the ashes and grow - though it will take time?

Sort of like a tiny flower, growing through the crack in ugly asphalt, will reveal itself, if that makes any sense -  however small in comparison, it will eventually grow, spread seeds, and will not be alone?  

Or like though it may take time, something will eventually will be found in the ashes and rise up?

I'm not really explaining this well, I'm sorry, but maybe you get the gist? 

My husband (and a couple other people) think I'm psychic lol.

(I wish, because I could then get lottery numbers and be rich!)

I would say more "spiritually sensitive," and then only sometimes, and it's often hard for me to interpret  this "sense," correctly, because it's up to me to define/interpret these "cues" and sometimes I get them wrong, and only in hindsight do they make more sense.

Or maybe I'm just crazy lol.

Regardless, I think the best way to describe this sense that I can interpret is, despite all outward appearance, all will not be lost -  something that initially seems small will eventually be found in the ashes, grow, and rise up out of the ashes, as a result - so don't despair.

Thus heavily praying for Kyiv, Zelensky, and the Ukrainian people, right now, especially the children :(



I have mentioned before our "honorary son," B - who is obtaining his master's degree in internet security, with a primary focus on Russian threats, at an Ivy League university for internet, currently writing a white paper on Russian bots and social media techniques, speaks fluent Russian, and simultaneously contracts for the DOD - in other words, he's brilliant.

Some, here in Kentucky, scratched their heads as to why he went into this - why internet security, with a focus on Russia?

(Not us, we knew how big of a threat Russia actually was becoming again - and we're super proud of him! xo .)

Welp - now you know ;)

So of course he suddenly got hundreds of texts, emails, and phone calls yesterday, from those same people lol.

Regardless, as mentioned, he speaks fluent Russian - and yes - Putin did say exactly what the media says he said, doomsday-ish threat and all.

No - though there is tension at the border among Russia sympathizers and Ukrainians, it's not true that Russia was under attack at the borders from the Ukraine - this is propaganda, including a film created with actors, meant to be spread on social media.

(Typical of the far right wing - project onto the left what they are doing themselves, including Putin's use of the word "nazification" - methinks the smeller is the feller ;)

Also, his friends in Russia are "shocked" and "ashamed" - the ones that even knew about it, because the media is under tight wrap - and getting tighter.

So that lets you know that many Russians do NOT support this invasion - but there's not a dang thing they can do about it :(

(And they can forget about protesting - those that are, are being detained.)

In fact, there is no one in the world, except die-hard Trumpers and Putinites that buy the fact that "the Ukraine brought it on themselves" or "Putin had no choice, his border was under attack."

Even if it were true, at the border - which it's not -  Russia is a huge, powerhouse country and there was no need to "conquer" an entire small, independent country, over a border struggle - that would be like using a tank to stomp an ant -  just because you can.

As I said two posts below, the only people in the world supporting this invasion are the usual suspects - communist China and die-hard, dictator-lovers - Trumpers and Putinites -  in other words, people with a medieval sense of what it means to be a man, a Christian, and a leader -  who victim-blame, to justify any atrocities they commit for the sake of their own power and greed.

I also find it odd that people supposedly so anti-Communist are so eager to support Putin, former KGB, still employing Communist tactics, and clearly trying to turn back the clock to reincorporate countries into the former communist Soviet Union.

I love China's response, "The western word "invasion" is typical Western speak ..."

Okay, then what would YOU call it, China - "legitimate political discourse?" 


Regardless, we love, you B, so proud of you ... xo

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