Friday, November 26, 2021

Our Holly Trees ...


So one of the reasons we chose this particular apartment was the beautiful birch tree, with its sweeping branches and lush leaves, teeming with life (tree frogs, birch-loving birds, squirrels, etc.) near the balcony, which I've shown prior pictures of many times. 

However, the birch tree is actually positioned between two holly trees.  Now, typically, the robins raid it so that it loses all of its berries in about 2 days - and I'm not even kidding - 2 days lol.   In fact, I've wanted to snap a picture before, but they've already raided the top half by midday!

However, this year, with the cold spell, the robins are now scares with the colder weather, and berries managed to survive through Thanksgiving!

Some pretty color in fall/winter to view, from our balcony :)

The second holly tree, in relation to the first, with the birch tree (with its leaves nearly gone) in the middle ... 

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