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Sunday, November 14, 2021

"Ted Cruz Street" on SNL

For those who don't know,  Ted Cruz spoke out on Twitter against  Big Bird - a fictional character on Sesame Street - for "being part of the government's woke propaganda," after Big Bird announced he was vaccinated and encouraged children to get vaccinated.

All this despite the fact that Ted Cruz is vaccinated himself - AND - all state laws already mandate that children must be vaccinated before school entrance for measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, typhus, and pertussis (though some states have religious exemption).

Also, wokeness has literally nothing to do with vaccination, it has to do with social justice and socioeconomic inequality, especially in terms of race.

Then SNL had a field day over it - well, just watch  :)

An alternative to the "liberal wokeness" of Sesame Street (for the last 50 years), it's "Ted Cruz Street" - with special guest quacks - erm - I mean stars - Marjorie Taylor Green (Cecily Strong) and Joe Rogan (Pete Davidson), and Oscar the Liberal Grouch Trash Can Monster (Chris Redd).



No, wait ... hahaha!

OMG, you would think real life was an SNL parody, right now, but people really believe/say things like this, so the skit pretty much writes itself - SNL just succinctly captures it!

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