Monday, November 1, 2021

Fall Decor Additions ...

Being that it was too rainy to hike yesterday - and Saturday was all about the Michigan State/Michigan game (Michigan State won, btw, woo hoo!) -  we worked on a few home projects yesterday.

My fireplace is finally complete - not as full as last year,  but still helps things to look comfy and cozy as the days get shorter, and Thanksgiving approaches :)

(Even though the chimney sweep is coming tomorrow, so I'm going to have to move all of that, then put it back, when he's done lol.)

I ordered two more of the mason-jar lanterns like the one on the mantel ...

... and put tiny pumpkins, pine cones, and acorns in them, too,  for the kitchen bar.

I also got this window mirror and shutters a few weeks ago for our dining room, which is on the opposite wall to the windows and a bit dark,  hoping to reflect more light, which Mark put up this past weekend,   I already had the wreath, which was a bit skimpy, so I just added a few trinkets :)

I also added more color,  particularly red, to the wreath that I fully made that hangs on the balcony door, to give it more pop from the street, as it wasn't showing up as well from far away.

At first, I  added too much red, so I removed some - but I still think it's almost too much red/too much going on now?

I think I liked it better before, at least close up, even though it doesn't show up as well from the street ... 

Ah well, I can always take the added red leaves off, I'll think more on it  :)

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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