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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Why Is My Addict-O-Meter (Substance Abuse Radar) Going Off With Aaron Rodgers?


I promise this will be my last post on this issue, since the NFL decision has now (unfortunately) been made  - unless something new happens.

Sorry, it just shocked me/made me so mad that this white-male power abuse stuff is still going on, and being enabled, in 2021. 

Now, flash back - once upon a time, 5 years ago, Rodgers openly and outspokenly supported  Colin Kaepernick, social injustice, and antiracism- HOWEVER - considering he just inaccurately attacked the "woke mob" in a way that didn't even make sense, conflating the social justice issue with the vaccine issue, I think we can safely say he's done a 180 since.

Now - I don't know why, but my Addict-O-Radar is now going off with Aaron Rodgers, big time?

I developed this instinct meter after having had my share of relationships previously with substance abusers, witnessing their selfish,  erratic,  sometimes reckless, 180-shifting behavior, rapid mood changes, as well as dulled insight, judgment, and even logic, despite actually possessing superior intellect.

HOWEVER, this doesn't mean the person is actively using -  because remember, not only does the "brain saturation" take years to clear, but addiction is also a behavioral mindset - which is sometimes even found in those that have never used or abuse substances, i.e., the children of alcoholics/addicts and dysfunctional families - but it is nevertheless a symptom of untreated or partially treated mental health disease.

Now, has this meter has steered me wrong before?

Yes, but it's rare.  

Let's put it this way  - I've been right more times than I've been wrong.

Regardless, let's just say that even though I have no actual proof, I now strongly suspect an addiction of some sort with Aaron Rodgers.

But then again, he may not be currently or actively be using at all -  but he certainly is displaying some addiction/dysfunctional-family, muddled-mindset symptoms.

Because in addition to his 180s, as well as almost appearing chemically sedated lately, even in his newer State Farm commercials, his logic was that of a 10-year-old, in that Pat McAfee interview.  

I mean, he literally appeared stupid, when he hadn't previously, and we can't blame a positive COVID-19 test for that. 

Also, as I've said before, it appears to me that a large proportion of Trump-ish agenda supporters have addiction issues and thus cannot see things clearly.

Lastly and most importantly, his inability to take responsibility/feel remorse for his choices and behavior, blaming everybody else - that's substance abuse indicator #1 (or again, also found in dysfunctional families).  In fact, untreated addicts can even behave exactly like narcissists, in false-confidence, though they're not.

If that is actually the case, it would make me less mad, yes - at least at him personally, but still mad at the NFL and society for enabling it - but I wouldn't feel sorry for him. 

I do have compassion for addicts, but I don't have proof that's the case yet.

Regardless, addicts would still need consequences and limits, not enabling - lest they never figure out how destructive to others/self-destructive their addiction really is.

Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know -  but my Addict-O-Radar is nevertheless going off, big time lol.

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