Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Oxford High School Shooting Footage ...

( Update, 11:36 p.m. - Local Detroit-area news outlets are reporting that it likely was someone from the sheriff's department at the door, rather than the shooter impersonating an officer.

However, the sheriff was unable to identify who it was, only stating it was not the shooter and "likely" one of their "plainclothes detectives."

So ...  if they were able to determine it wasn't the shooter knocking by video footage, how is it that they also can't identify who it was by the same video footage?

Also, I wonder why the sheriff's department is spending their press time semi-defending the shooter by clearing him for things they believe he didn't do (and I can't help but wonder if they would be doing so if the shooter was black) - playing lawyer, judge, and jury again and speculating, are we, law enforcement?

How about we just don't say anything until we're 100% sure who that was? 

Not sure who's bright idea it was to have an plainclothes officer to be the one to knock on doors to tell people they're safe - nor address the teacher as "bro," but alrighty - not smart :/

Regardless, if that truly was a plainclothes detective at the door, imagine how that situation would've ended, then, if the teacher had a gun, like some Republicans are pushing for - not well.



If you haven't seen this footage yet, it's absolutely chilling ... the shooter, 15-year-old (white) Ethan Crumbley, posed as an officer and knocked on the locked classroom doors first, claiming he was with the sheriff's office and telling them it was safe to come out.

The students had a school-shooting plan in place ... which of course the shooter himself knew.

While the students huddled in one corner of the room, there's a knock at the door.


Ethan (Shooter):  "Sheriff's office!"


Teacher:  "Yeah, we're here."


Ethan:  "(Inaudible) come to the door? (Inaudible - due to shuffling of students to get down on the floor, in the corner, directed by hand gestures by the teacher.)


Teacher"Yeah, we're in here." 


(Ethan knocks again.)

Teacher:  "Yes?" 


Ethan:  "Sheriff's office, it's safe to come out!" 


Teacher:  "Yeah, we're not willing to take that risk, right now."


Ethan:  "I can't hear you."


Teacher:  "We're not taking that risk, right now."

Female Student #1:  "Yeah, he said it's safe to come out." 


Ethan:  "Okay, well, come to the door and look at my badge, Bro." 

Male Student #1: "Yeah, 'Bro' ..."


Female Student #2:  "He said Bro!  He said Bro!"


Male Student #2:  "Yeah, he said 'Bro' ... red flag."


The teacher's instincts were clearly already flaring, he knew something wasn't right - but apparently, the kids themselves became 100% certain he wasn't with the sheriff's office, based on his usage of the word "Bro" - knowing that no law enforcement officer would address them using that kind of informal street-slang greeting while in uniform and on duty.

The students then immediately begin scurrying to climb out the  windows (and back door?) and run to the gymnasium, as per apparently the school-shooting plan, and are reminded to drop their backpacks upon entry.

Bravo to the teacher, and the smart kids in this video, for having their wits about them, staying calm and following the plan in a crisis, and their bravery!

Apparently, everyone in this particular classroom escaped without harm ... but unfortunately, others were not as lucky - three were killed and eight more have been injured :/


PS - I'm not willing to comment on his motive yet, as other than his identity, everything else has been pure speculation.  

We've seen some images supposedly from his Instagram page of apparently a religious/political nature, but until this has been verified as definitely belonging to the shooter, I'll reserve comment. 

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