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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Yes, I'm Aware of the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict ...


It's not that I'm ignoring it, it's just that ...

1)  I wrote on the situation extensively when it happened.


2)  I've been busier than usual with the upcoming holiday. 


3)  I expected this outcome -  especially when the first charge of illegal possession of a firearm by a minor was dismissed when the trial began.  If even that charge wasn't going to stick, then there was no hope for even an  manslaughter charge, or even reckless endangerment.


4)  I realized long ago that there is no such thing as true blind justice in America - American justice is too political, too racist, and above all, too greedy -  we've got the best justice (white male) money can buy.  


Additionally, the Trump era exposed just how often white males - often as politicians or heads of corporations - tie up the court system (and thus our tax money) with frivolous lawsuits -  not over actual truth and justice, but just to intimidate others.

In fact, our overly litigious society in general is no longer about truth and justice - it's become just another form of bullying and intimidation. 



5)  His supporters want our reaction, they want us to get upset, they live for it - they want another civil war - so let's not make honest people of them, stoop to their level, and give them one? :) 


In fact, I'd even venture to guess some even want us to protest now, so they can justifiably shoot, then claim they were only acting in self-defense, just like Kyle Rittenhouse.

Despite the fact that they know if this were a black 17-year-old stalking behind a group of white protestors marching in the other direction, the verdict would've been different and they'd feel very differently about it.

- AND -

In America, given the amount of mass shootings, protestors will not know in advance if a kid stalking behind them with an AR-15 is a mass shooter (which is actually why people jumped Kyle.)



They want to upset us, they enjoy it -  because that's what bullies and psychopaths do.

They objectify us libs, much like the Nazis did Jews -  to them, we're just "evil, subhuman scum" who "don't deserve to live in their world."

And when they do get a reaction, they will do what such mentalities have always done - reverse the order of events and make themselves the "innocent victims," just "defending themselves" from "thugs and rioters." 

But make no mistake - even those with the least centered moral compass know this was wrong and this isn't something to celebrate - in fact, it's sad, all the way around.

They know this verdict is wrong and racist -  they just don't care.

All they care about is winning, gaining power, and using unfair and subjective metrics in attempt to prove their superiority -  as if this is a basketball game, instead of people's lives and livelihoods - as if it won't impact and complicate our interpretation of law and justice in this country, going forward.

If this is truly the sort of thing they want to celebrate and be thankful for, this Thanksgiving, let them - it only reveals how skewed their morality actually is, as well as secures their status as being the worst representatives of Christianity in modern history.

In fact, actually celebrating this verdict reminds me of thanking God that Native Americans helped us not to starve, that first Thanksgiving, only to turn around and force them onto reservations and into Christianity or kill them - just so we could take their land in "manifest destiny" - then thanking God for our survival at their expense, each Thanksgiving on.

Imagining, out of our own arrogance and vanity, that God blessed us more, that we were more deserving of his grace, and that God had anything to do with it whatsoever - instead of the truth, which is we  misused our free will to forcefully take their land and murder them over it, and it is they who were the victims, defending themselves - rather than us.

I can only hope - and pray - that if Kyle Rittenhouse himself is thankful, this Thanksgiving, it's not because he got away it - but because he has an opportunity to change his life for the better and see things and people differently - but it's not looking too good

 I'm praying that Kyle realizes this second chance in life and the opportunity he's been given to change it - as well as that he never becomes a cop.

However, mostly, I'm praying for the families of his victims, that they may find some comfort despite not having these loved ones at their Thanksgiving table, this year :(

I'm also being thankful for what I have in my own life, knowing that God typically doesn't bless us in the form of "prosperity" - and praying that I will remember to use the rest of my life, to the best of my ability, to give opportunities to those who have none, and continuing to support social justice where I can.

We'll simply bide our time,  in the hopes that we will eventually look back on cases like this one with shame, thankful that we know better now, and that most of these morally skewed and racist dinosaurs will have become extinct -  hoping that the extinction of our species as a whole does not come first, because we can't seem to find a way to live together. 

Amen :)

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