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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

More Thanksgiving Baking Underway :)


So I'm baking like a crazy woman, to do as much as I can so as not to leave everything for tomorrow.   

Pumpkin pie ...


Our traditional Spinach, Bacon, and Swiss Cheese Breakfast Quiche, which I now make the day before Thanksgiving (and Christmas), so we can have breakfast ready for tomorrow a.m., while the turkey is then goes into the oven first thing in the morning :)

Cranberry-Brie-Maple Tarts ...

Lord knows I'm not the best pastry chef anyway, and this is a new addition to my Thanksgiving meal (only the second time I've made them) - I think it's the maple syrup weighing them down too much, perhaps I need to spread it a bit thinner next time?

However, believe me when I say they taste much better than they look lol.    

In fact, Mark, my taste-tester, says these are actually his favorite-tasting treat thus far.

Corn Pudding (a Kentucky tradition) with cornbread crumbles ... 

After taste-testing it, we both agreed that adding cornbread crumbles was a great idea, and thus, this was likely the best I've ever made.  

(Sorry, grandma - it's hard to improve on the perfection that is your corn pudding recipe, but the cornbread crumbles managed to do it, just adding a little extra taste and texture oomph ;)

Yummy treats underway today, folks :)

Tomorrow will be the roasted turkey with rosemary and sage, of course, brined overnight to retain moisture); cornbread dressing/stuffing, white and sweet potato au gratin, green beans with bacon, and roasted butternut squash with brown sugar :)

PS - Because I'm prediabetic (with my A1c dropping lately), I can't eat most of this stuff, or at least more than a tablespoon lol.  

I don't eat sweets anyway, never have - bread and pop was my thing - but I won't spoil everyone else's fun - enjoy!

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