Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Received the Pfizer Booster Yesterday ...


... and feeling fine.  No side effects at all, just a sore arm -  exactly like the flu shot (which I also received in October) :)

In fact, I did a lot of baking yesterday, feeling great - actually, even better than after the second shot, where I felt a little tired later for just a few hours - but this time, nothing at all - guess my body has adjusted to it :)

Get it, don't get it, whatever  - but seriously, it's not a big deal.

Remember that most people are like me and do not have serious side effects, adverse events, or complications. 

Also remember that no drug or vaccine is perfect - there is always a small percentage people with side effects or adverse reactions to any medication - even over-the-counter stuff.

Also remember that the intention of the vaccine from its inception was not to (necessarily) prevent infection, but to limit the severity of infection (although vaccines do seem to be actually preventing infections, at to a certain degree, possibly combined with mask-wearing).

We really need to stop the melodramatic making of mountains out of a molehills out of political paranoia, as well as do a better job at weighing the benefits versus the risks of our choices.

And by that I mean actual known and nominal clinical risks from reliable data, meaning reading the actual clinical-trial studies yourselves -  not trusting some nobody on Twitter you've never met and may not truly exist, either with a meme they made themselves or a simply passed along without verifying it (or it cannot be verified) - or gossip from somebody's neighbor's cousin's coworker, that more than likely had something else going on that they blamed the vaccine for, or else contracted COVID just before they got the shot and it was already in the symptomless incubation phase before they ever received the shot  ;) 

Sometimes things are exactly as they appear or claim to be -  "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." :)

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