Tuesday, September 29, 2020

PS - Two Biggest Takeways?

*edited, video added, and further postscript added.

First of all, did you notice that Trump said every single one of my predictions below, and hit every single asterisked number on Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" list that I predicted he would?  :)

Had I actually drank shots, I would've been drunk 15 minutes in lol.

We did get the Maker's Mark, and Mark did a few shots -  but I didn't - because let's just say I had some spicy Pad Thai, that went awry, just beforehand  ;)

Regardless, my two biggest takeaways were:


1.    Both candidates were asked point blank whether or not they would urge their supporters to keep the peace despite the election results. 


Trump - the supposed "Law and Order" president - refused to encourage his supporters to accept the election results peacefully, explaining "if it wasn't fraudulent, but it is" - and instead encouraged them to "stand back and stand by."  


What does that mean???  


You want your supporters to riot over election results, if you lose and give the signal? 


Dohkay, Mr. "Law and Order" - mind your hypocrisy.


Biden, on the other hand, clearly answered "Yes" - he would urge his supporters to accept the results peacefully. 
Then he added, "I will be a President for both Republicans AND Democrats, as I hope Trump can be, too."



That was #1 of my 3 favorite, beautiful, clear, concise, uninterrupted, DIGNIFIED answers by Biden, IMO, lol 



2.  Trump was asked if he would denounce white supremacy - TWICE - by both the moderator and Biden - to actually say the words denouncing white supremacy. 


Trump never did denounce white supremacy - instead, he rambled on about Anti-Fa.


 If you saw nothing else - including Trump repeatedly trying to bully and bulldoze both Biden and the moderator, Chris Wallace - son of 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace - a conservative Republican and the only reputable and fair journalist remaining at Fox News (Trump's favorite news) - those two moments should be the most memorable.

BTW, I like Mike Wallace - he's old-school Republican - and in fact the only journalist left at Fox News I respect.  

I don't agree with him politically, but he IS good at his job, respectable and fair, and doesn't demonize all Democrats.  

I actually wish he should've shut down Trump talking over everybody sooner and more than he did -  but overall, he did a fantastic job, under the circumstances. 

I mean, just look at what he had to contend with ...

"Mr. President?  Mr. President?  No - the answer to the question is no. Sir.  Sir!  No."


(Clearly, not a word Trump Baby likes or is used to hearing, but he already had his 2 minutes and rebuttal time, and refused to let Biden speak and have his, and now, it was time to move to the next segment.)

(I actually think they should turn the mics off when it's their opponent's 2 minutes - that would help a lot, wouldn't it?)

Trump people are just mad he didn't white-wash and hide Trump's bad behavior, and allow Trump out of answering questions, like everyone else at Fox News does.

You can't spin and whitewash it - "it is what it is" on live TV.

Trumpers are just mad because they can't hide the truth of who Trump really is, with live debates, like Fox News usually does for him ;)

And no, Press on both sides - we are NOT going to pretend along that the bad behavior was equal among the two candidates - not even close.

For those few moments that Biden stooped to Trump's level, the man has the right to defend himself from a very clear, bulldozing, bully - he's only human after all - and I doubt most of you would've handled it better.

And Trump going after Hunter like that was way, way below the belt - and bravo for Biden publicly admitting that Hunter previously having a drug problem, that he has overcome and that he's proud of him :)

(Hell, most evangelicals are addicts or addictive personalities, in some way, you can't fault him for that.)

I loved it that Biden ended that scuffle by saying: 

"Ha, we could really talk about some members of YOUR family, too, but it's not about YOUR family or MY family, it's about THEIR families - (to the camera), it's about YOUR family, the American people's families."

Bravo and Amen - beautiful, clear, uninterrupted DIGNIFIED answer #2, and my favorite.   

In fact, that may be may be my all-time favorite debate answer, and it's not being focused on as much as it should be, in lieu of other things and the nasty, IMO. 

And my third favorite answer from Biden #3:  

"Under this president, this nation has become poorer, sicker, weaker, and more divided."

Amen again.

I can't think of a single dignified thing Trump ever said tonight - not even one.  

There were a couple of things he said that were semi-valid - but they were delivered like a third-grade schoolyard bully. 

In fact, I'm not sure what all the press fuss is, about how 'undignified' it was - erm - did you not watch the 2016 debates with Hillary? 

If you can't remember how "undignified" Trump behaved then, Press, may I recommended watching them again because apparently you've forgotten?

And have you not seen how the president behaves on an everyday basis, particularly his Twitter feed? 

Come off it, Press - don't act like you're surprised and your memories are that short, and this was anywhere close to being equal.  

Even moderator Chris Wallace - who again is a conservative Republican at Trump's favorite news channel, Fox News -  said to Trump: 

"Yeah, both of you have interrupted, but mostly, it's been you."  

- AND - 

"Your campaign agreed to you having 2-minute responses; are you not going to comply?"

IMO, Trump's "undignified" behavior and refusing to answer questions was actually worse with Hillary in the 2016 debates.

It's just that Biden fought back - whereas Hillary mostly tried to remain calm and dignified.

Because God knows, you can't fight back with so much as a slightly sarcastic retort, as a woman  - and yet she STILL was called a "nasty woman." 

Hellllllooo ... does no one remember that, and the "nasty woman" T-shirts printed as a result? lol.

We women can't fight back, even a little, because that's what happens - we get called "nasty women" or "crazy bitches"  if we do.

Then, of course, the process of victim-blaming begins - the order of events gets reversed, our self-defense becomes justification and "proof" that our "nastiness" was the reason crimes were committed in the first place lol.

Regardless,  Biden actually handled Trump in a more dignified manner than most of us would have, under those antagonistic, provocative, below-the-belt circumstances -  male OR female - and you know it lol

In fact, most of us, if we're honest, after the first 30 minutes of baseless accusations and personal attacks, interruptions, and temper tantrums thrown by Trump, would've said something akin to ...

"Oh, why don't you go F yourself - with Putin's prick - you spiritually dead, bloated goldfish!"

"This so-called debate is a joke, an embarrassment to America, and YOU are nothing more a spoiled, emotionally arrested-in-development, fragile-ego-ed Nazi, posing as President.  I'm outta here."


Well, on the bright side -  at the very least -  I don't believe Trump can ever call Biden "weak" or "Sleepy Joe" and be believed, ever again :)


PS - Yes, overall, I would agree that it's a humiliating debacle for America, on display for the world to see - but this is where Trump has brought America - and Trump has already been an embarrassing train wreck for America, for the past four years.

And it's not like he didn't behave that way in the 2016 debates and every day since - so why are people acting so surprised?  

Because Fox News doesn't tell you that he behaves this way and they can't spin it because Biden's right there to halt Trump's spin?

And most comparing this to a fight or brawl - No, this was not a total TKO, for either side.

In fact, I'm not sure anyone actually won. 

Trump kept swinging and mostly missing -  Biden landed a few GREAT punches, and if nothing else, just kept standing -  just laughing at Trump's absurdity most of the time (which I was hoping he would do).

Now, you know if you were Biden, you would've walked out in the first 10 minutes, Press and most of America, so give it a rest. 

And I'm not sure why press isn't capitalizing on how much Trump contradicted himself (well, many times on COVID, climate change, law and order, etc., but particularly...) on Supreme Court Justice nominations?

He first said "Democrats would do the same thing," but went on to say "Obama left 128 judge seats open during an election year" (SCOTUS and federal).  

Both cannot be true - Obama could not have both appointed judges in an election year AND left 128 seats open - sorry, Trump.

He also, I might add, said he would use his conservative-led SCOTUS to decide the presidency.

Lastly, I just have this to say ...

Yeah, Trump?

We, The American People, are really going to need you to stop saying how much you've done for the military, when you don't pay your taxes - END OF.


PPPS - lol

Yes -  Biden DID drop an "Inshallah" on Trump regarding his taxes, which was actually pretty hilarious.

Though it literally means, "If God wills it" in Arabic and Farsi, when said sarcastically and with a dismissive tone/wave, it's like saying, "Dohkay, whatever" or an NYC "fuhgetaboutit/get outta here with that." 


And Biden knew that Trump would know what that means, considering Trump's close ties to Saudi royalty ;)

However, the fact that both Trump and Biden know what that phrase means in Arabic/Farsi does NOT prove either is "secretly" Muslim - it proves they're well versed in Arabic/Farsi slang - period.

The Biden clapback was actually hilarious lol.

It's tantamount to if I said the debate was "mishuga" or "meshuga" - which means "crazy" or "senseless" or "nonsense" in Yiddish lol :) 

It doesn't mean I'm Jewish or revere the Jewish faith above my Christian faith - but I do revere the Jewish faith AND the Muslim faith (who derived their law from same Babylonian Hammurabi Code of Law, mind you) - just as much as my own of Christianity.

Jews and Muslims are our great-grandparents, faith wise, and Catholics are our grandparents.

Though we may disagree - particularly with their actual sources for both law and doctrine -  the fact remains,  there would be no us without them :)


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