Sunday, September 13, 2020

My Husband's - Erm - Conversation With a Trumper

(Edited - to actually much worse than it was previously LOL!)

I wasn't present, but I heard about it later - so I'm going to say what I have to say here.

That's right, in case you couldn't tell, I've found the need to channel my inner Ripley again lately, on some Trumpers  ...

No, worse.

In fact, I might even go all crazy-scary Beth Dutton tornado, on some very deserving Trumper trailer parks -  because I'm THAT tired of falsely-entitled/over-privileged delusional Trumper bullshit  lol.

Of COURSE the Trumper was the one to bring up the subject with my husband - Trumpers usually do, imagining that just because we're white and in the South that we'll agree with them.

At first my husband tried to change the subject and avoid it - and this person knows that. 

The reason that person brought it up was, they were going somewhere together yesterday, but had to wear masks to get in - and the Trumper started by first bitching about Governor Beshear, then praising Trump. 

(I can only thank GOD this trip wasn't to the gun range, as they'd originally planned lol.) 

By the way, I had told my husband that even though I liked this person, I personally wanted to keep these people at arm's length, because I already suspected they were Trumpers, and when they found out we weren't, there was going to be conflict.

So when my husband called me, terribly upset because we really liked the guy otherwise, the first thing he said was ...

Mark:  You were right - they're Trumpers. I couldn't believe the things coming out of his mouth. He brought it up because we were both wearing masks while out, we had to before we went in."

"I mean, after his tirade bitching, I even asked him if I could speak a contrary opinion before I responded,  and also said I really didn't want to talk about this with him." 

"I was looking forward to talking about Yellowstone and horses and a lot of other stuff we have in common." 


"With Yellowstone, he doesn't realize the difference between protecting your own family and property, when justice has failed you - VS. - walking into other people's states, territories, and neighborhoods, taking justice into your own untrained civilian hands, without being asked by law enforcement to do so, and shooting protesters just because you're afraid they could potentially riot!"

"That attitude that the entire country is your personal property makes him exactly the thing he hates - like a real estate developer or the federal government, trying to take other people's territory, from Native Americans and other ranchers, just because they can, and demonizing anyone who naysays their doing so."

"What happened at Standing Rock should've been a big clue of how Trump's government was going to go, if you criticized, opposed, or protested it. And the fact that he can condemn the police state brutality against protesters in Belarus, but condemn all protesters here, despite most being peaceful, without realizing the hypocrisy, is proof, in my mind, of too much Trump Kool-Aid drinking"



"After he said I could respond, when I did, he literally started screaming in my face and spitting.  Anybody else, and I would've punched the guy, but that's what they want so they can play victim and put it on Fox News.  So I just yelled right back in his face."


Me:  "I'm sorry this happened, honey, I've been there, 1,000 times, here. This is why transplants from other places have a hard time making friends here, without at least some family here, even if you had a ton of friends elsewhere, like you did in Detroit. I know you wanted to be friends and are disappointed, I'm so sorry.


"And you still CAN be friends, if you want, it's just going to be tricky, because even though you have a lot of other things in common, underneath it all, you both will know that your values are completely different."  


But we can't forget that Trumpers  project and gaslight - THEY are the ones who've been propagandized/brainwashed - without any true factual evidence - to believe that any Democrat OR Republican who doesn't support Trump is 'the Satanic/demonic enemy trying to destroy this country.' 


So just try to remember that his vehemence, the screaming and spitting - it's not really about you or what you said - it's fear-based, it's coming from his own irrational fears and paranoia, not even really about you at all, and possibly arguing with his own conscience and guilt, because he knows some of these things he's supporting are selfish, greedy, and morally wrong, and actually ANTI Christ's message." 



"Again, this isn't Detroit, Kentucky is tricky - this is why both Dave Chapelle and Trevor Noah said Lexington has "charming racism." 


"It's not that Kentucky people are nicer people, it's that they're especially skilled at being fake friendly and passive-aggressive.  And unfortunately, though it's mostly conservatives, the liberals here can be the same way, and are, at the very least, complicit and enable this broken system."  


"They can seem like the friendliest, nicest people in the world on the surface - if you're white, at least middle class, and evangelical.  But if you were black and/or poor and progressive Catholic or Episcopal or some other church they didn't approve of, they'd be civil and friendly, but you'd never get in their inner sanctum and there'd be trouble." 


"As long as you go along and pretend everything they do is fine, you'll be fine.  But if you're like me and can't because it disturbs your soul, you won't." 


"You're better than me at playing the game, but I also know that it disturbs your soul, too - and that you have even less patience with Trumpers than me lol! 


It's just I've lived here longer, so I've learned to anticipate it and expect it and know how to keep most at arm's length, smile, and just avoid.  That is why I didn't rush right out with my mask to hang out with them, too, I've learned from living here too long." 


"Be careful, now, though - learn from my mistakes here.  I wouldn't say another word because like I said, they're passive-aggressive - the type to smile in your face but pour something in your coffee later lol.  Not literally, but everything is behind your back or through others, never telling what they did to you privately or to provoke you first, of course, when they tell the story, but always making themselves the victim." 


"If so inclined, they can find a way to screw you in the community for it, with a smile on their face, and if you say anything directly to them about doing so, they will smile and act like you're making it up and crazy, they'll make themselves the victim."  


"My advice after living here and mistakes?  Don't mention it ever again, to anyone, but no need to apologize for standing up either.  Neither one of us are very good at kissing ass anyway.   Just either act like it didn't happen or it's all okay, a bad day, water under the bridge and move on, but stay at arm's length to protect yourself." 


However, as I said, I wasn't there - so I'M going to speak now, from here. 


So let me say this now - unequivocally  - not only to them, but to all Trump supporters.

That's right, brace yourselves - because I'm now about to go all Beth-Dutton crazy, up in here, on your delusional asses  LOL. 


If you didn't even bother to watch the George Floyd video or others before you spoke about protests and riots - it's like voting without being informed, and therefore we don't want to discuss it with you - because you really have no clue what all the fuss is about to even knowledgeably speak on the subject, and are therefore just arguing from an emotionally-manipulated, fear-based place.

And if you are voting for Trump for stupid, selfish reasons -- i.e. you don't like it that you have to wear a mask when you go places, can't go to football games, etc. - - despite the fact that Woodward caught Trump on audio stating he was downplaying the severity - - you really are the poster children of white-privileged, selfish, spoiled brats, just throwing tantrums about what you're temporarily not allowed to do - even though it's for your own safety and the safety of others!

News flash, Trumpers - not everything is about YOU and just YOUR rights - there are other taxpaying people in this country who do not share your opinion or experience, who've been restricted from the good life for generations!

Is your world really THAT small, and has life been THAT easy for you, up until now, such that having to wear a mask is seriously the worst thing that's ever happened to you, and the only restriction ever placed on you, in your over-privileged life?

Then I'm GLAD you have to wear a mask - not only for your own safety and the safety of others - but because somebody finally told you that you can't do something - - and God forbid, this one is actually because of how it affects the health of other people!

Now you know what it feels like to be told you can't/restricted from the good life, too - but instead of learning that empathy lesson, you can't even handle a few months without becoming bitter, tantrum-throwing, gun-toting asshole!

So can you really not understand why some people of color and women are so angry after centuries of it, then?!?


And by the way, the reason why some of us are sailing right through these restrictions without becoming depressed or angry is BECAUSE we're used to it - we know what it's like to feel restricted chronically, and could never afford to do all the things you've been lucky enough to receive, but take for granted and are unappreciative of anyway, crediting yourself and your "hard work" for!

Has it ever even occurred to you that while you play around all day on Fox News, Facebook, Twitter, watching Yellowstone clips on YouTube instead of working - or have 2-hour paid "business" lunches at Malone's - or "do business" on the golf course - or take 5 paid vacation weeks a year - - that hourly-wage, manual-labor people get restricted internet access, exactly two 15-minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch, and don't even have paid vacations nor even health insurance until Obamacare?!?

And yet you still imagine yourselves 'working harder' for the "right" to these benefits than manual hourly laborers do, that you've somehow worked harder and earned it, are more deserving, smarter, better people, instead of reality, which is that you were already born into a situation which already afforded you greater opportunities to work towards luxury?

You're too smart to be reading/watching Fox News - which you should've been smart enough to realize, by now, is speculative opinion dressed up as fact, written on a third-grade level, as well as that there were actual verifiable facts about this president you didn't even know about, because Fox News never told you.

And other facts, like even though there is a small faction of Anti-Fa in Washington and Oregon, there is no proof whatsoever that they, or anyone, started and funded ALL the protests across America.

I happen to personally know many protesters, and they were NOT paid - AND - you admitted Lexington's protests were peaceful yourself, as were many, including Portland's - UNTIL - Trump tear gassed even peaceful protesters in D.C. and sent in federal agents to Portland!

Never forget the order of events and the whys!

But instead, you want to over-inflate Anti-Fa and invent 'Satanic' boogeymen to blame - simply because your fragile little ego can't admit the truth and deal with reality - which is that there IS a double-standard in our justice system in America!

Nor can your fragile egos handle the fact that this president that you voted for is, at the very least, making everything worse, instead of helping to heal and unite this nation!

As my husband already said, extremists on both sides are making the problem worse - and Trump is taking one extreme side and responding to any opposition, peaceful or not, with authoritarianism like that in Belarus and Russia!

For a smart guy, you're being incredibly naive and stupid, not to mention extraordinarily greedy and selfish!

Lastly, please stop imagining yourself John Dutton, you're no John Dutton - as IF he's a hero anyway!

I mean, John Dutton literally brands his own cowboys/ranch hands as his personal property, for God sakes, and then orders them killed if they ever try to leave - who does that?!?

But he at least has some small semblance of basic human decency, compassion, and sanity left, however small.

In fact, I can say this now freely - though I laughed along, I never took it as a compliment or appreciated you calling my husband "your Rip Wheeler."

If you really knew my husband, you'd know he's actually more of a Kayce Dutton, the former Navy Seal, who is otherwise a peaceful, loving, fair, and compassionate person, who refuses to murder people just because his Dad wants him to, due to perceived disloyalty.

Kayce has only killed as a soldier in self-defense or when justice failed him/his wife, regarding their kidnapped son, or on behalf his wife's Native-American people, where wealthy white men have raped and killed Native American women without consequence, taking advantage of territory jurisdiction issues.


Speaking of Monica, though I joke about going Beth Dutton, I'm proudly a Monica :)

Though she's all about peace and love and education, make no mistake - she proved she can throw down and "Go Beth Dutton," too, if she really needs to.

(In the very last episode of season 2, when her son was kidnapped, and then what she did this season 3, after a serial white rapist/killer came to town, again, who was taking advantage of jurisdiction issues on Native American reservations. )

Regardless, if these were the only choices - Rip Wheeler and John Dutton - it would, in fact, be the other way around - my husband would be more of the brain/John Dutton and YOU are the hotheaded muscle, Rip, which you just proved today!




More proof of your over-privileged and over-sized ego and Trump-style fantasy delusion!

I am happy, and have no reservations, to burst your bubble, by putting aside my Monica for the moment, and pulling a Beth in this post :)

Speaking of Dutton's character on the show, although he does have a brain, his pride often supercedes it.

I mean, John Dutton owns 100,000 acres in Yellowstone that he can no longer afford.

For the love of God and all that is holy, how much land does a person need to run a cattle ranch?!?

He makes it about a promise to his father, but that's bullshit - it's his PRIDE that's caused the problem, and he's put his family through enough.

F*ck his damn over-inflated American pride! At this point, the smartest and best thing for everybody would be to sell half of his land to casino owner, Thomas Rainwater, taking his much lower offer, but essentially giving back the land to the Native Americans, where it rightfully belongs!

Dutton would still would have 50,000 acres, which is plenty of land to run a cattle ranch, plus he could then use the profit to pay his bills and continue run his his ranch.

Then, both Dutton and Rainwater could work together to fight off the "imminent domain/manifest destiny" that is real-estate developer and federal government BS.

DUH?!? How hard is that problem to solve!?!

And by the way, Mr. White-Hatted Cowboy Hero - not a single one of you self-purported "Christian white gentlemen" who imagine yourselves cavalry (and women) came to my aid, nor provided any true, empathetic guidance, back when I really was a damsel in distress - you just found more ways to victim-blame, shame, and demonize me as being deserving of all it!

And even though I understood your limited perspective due to white privileges you take for granted, I would STILL have helped YOU anyway, if in need.

However, at this point, you - and the white-stallion high horses your over-privileged asses rode in on, carrying the cross of Christ as subterfuge for a multitude of sins - ***MAY F*CK RIGHT OFF***!


PS. - Okay, I got carried away, that last part isn't true - I'd would STILL help you, if you asked for and really needed it -  but until then, the "you may f*ck right off" stands lol.  

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