Monday, September 28, 2020

Trump Boat Parade - Sandusky, Ohio: Loose Cannons at Lake Erie

*Edited - because I goofed on certain aspects myself and had to brush up on my War of 1812 history ;)

Fact is, Mark and I both just discussed how our American History classes didn't spend much time on this brief war - probably because we were ultimately considered the losers of this war, and we Americans love to pretend we win every war we've ever fought, though this isn't true ;)

Granted, it IS confusing, though - so I will cut the people below a little more slack ;)

Because although we did win a couple of port battles (eventually) - the Battle of New Orleans and Battle of Lake Erie - Britain is  officially considered the winner of the War of 1812.

Adding to the confusion is that the War of 1812 is considered a minor-theater battle of the Napoleonic wars between Britain and France over their U.S. Territory.

We Americans only jumped in because Britain tried to re-seize Detroit and other Lake Erie Ports from us,  as well as seize the port of New Orleans.

However, we did so without us ever officially forming an alliance with France.

Regardless, we still lost the War of 1812 - or more accurately, Britain was winning, but they essentially got tired of fighting the French over colonial territory, and thus declared an end to the war,  negotiating a treaty with small concessions for both France and the U.S., retaining much, but not all, of Canada.

Thus, about the below I wrote earlier, I still say - WTF and why?



In other news, a bunch of Trump cult-member idiots fired cannons into Lake Erie, in Sandusky, Ohio, for what purpose, we don't know.

Though we garnered a few port wins, the actual winner of the War of 1812 is considered Britain - not us.

Though The Battle of Lake Erie and The Battle of New Orleans were significant port wins during the War of 1812 -  we officially lost that war - Britain was ultimately considered the winner. 

Only later were we officially granted these territories via treaty concession (1814 to 1817), to include land we'd recently previously purchased from the French (Louisiana). 

I ... guess that's cause for celebration? 

(I don't kn...?)

Regardless ... why the F is that Trump MAGA dude dressed like Napoleon?!?

Okay, to be fair - both British and U.S. Naval officers wore similar attire to Napoleon in the War of 1812.

Here are British Naval Officers and soldier uniforms in the War of 1812 ...

And here are United States Naval Officers and soldiers uniforms in the War of 1812 ...

I'm not sure all sides wearing mostly blue was the best idea, but considering this was sea battle, perhaps it didn't matter, and ship recognition and flags were more important?

HOWEVER ... note the subtle differences in uniforms.

The British wore their "Napoleonic" hats sideways, just like Napoleon, but the U.S. wore their hats straight forward.

Though the hats were sometimes adorned with medals attached with brown ribbon - the hats themselves were always either dark blue or black - not brown.

In fact, it would appear that only Napoleon wore the brown hat, to distinguish himself as self-crowned "Emperor of France" and military dictator ...

(Well, they got Trump's Napoleonic-style ego, rash behavior, and dictatorial ruling style right, anyway lol.)

Regardless, I'm pretty sure your average American doesn't know the difference in uniforms, and thus, most people associate that look with Napoleon, right?

To be fair, since the history of that war is confusing, and since that guy got right the hat straight forward like an 1812 U.S. Naval Officer might, he gets a half a point for his obscure U.S. Naval History knowledge - but it was still brown, like Napoleon, for which he is is awarded zero points.

But even if we give that guy that benefit of the doubt - though we won the Battle of Lake Erie, we still lost that war, so ... ?

"Yay! Let's celebrate battles we won, despite losing the war, and only being granted these territories by the winner, Britain, in treaty, or by purchase from France! MAGA victory, woooo hooo!"

Hmmm.  Allllrighty. 

Or is it, "Make America like Early 19th-Century British-Monarch or Napoleonic-French Territory"


I don't know, but either way - sorry,  I don't get it - it's not like it was a true war victory.  

Or maybe I just need to read more about the War of 1812, which again, wasn't a war we spent much time on, in American History, probably because there wasn't a clear military victory for the U.S.

And Good Lord, if you watch the full video, the poor man can't even close his jacket because of that beer belly.

Loose cannons in Lake Erie - Trump must be so proud :)

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