Thursday, September 10, 2020

At This Point, All I Have Left to Say About Trump ...

(*edited - I have added the actual audio of Trump stating to Woodward COVID was deadly back in January, because Trump is calling it "fake news," in the hopes that his supporters will once again believe him and dismiss it without checking it out for themselves ;)

... is "I told you so - " about both Bob Woodward's tape of Trump admitting denying the severity of COVID to the American public, as well as the DHS whistle-blower regarding downplaying Russia interference and the actual threat of White Supremacy. 

This is one of those times I'm not too happy with being right/able to say "I told you so" - but nevertheless, I did -  several times/posts. 

And "downplay" is an understatement as far as COVID - because as I wrote about in this post from March 2nd - which included video - of Trump literally saying it was a "Democrat hoax meant to undermine the election."  

(*Note the Woodward tape is dated February 7th.)

And if anyone believes his excuse, that he just didn't want to "scare and panic " the American public -  when he fear-mongers daily in capital letters on Twitter, over nothing burgers - then you'll believe I'm Mother Theresa. 

We all know the real reasons he downplayed both because he was afraid both would make him look bad/hurt his chances of re-election - period.

And yet accused us of politicizing the virus? :/

Like I said, whatever Trump accuses others of, he is guilty of himself - he's the king of projection, as deflection of his own guilt -  a true textbook narcissist. 

Regardless, both downplaying COVID and Russian election interference are treasonous actions. 

I recall so much bellyaching about 'lack of transparency' with Obama - where are those people now?


Oh, but Trump is white and is anti-abortion and LGBTQ for pay/votes, so it's still all okay. 


Otherwise, the first thing I said, when I heard about Woodward's tape/book is, "Why didn't Woodward release the tape sooner?"

The only plausible answer I can speculate for that is that he wanted to complete the full book with all of the information he had before presenting it, or perhaps legalities with the publisher - and yet I can't help but wonder how many lives could've been saved, if he had released just that piece, sooner  :(

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