Sunday, September 20, 2020

Temporary Perk-Up for a Worn Sofa ...

I will update the post below with the condition of the family member with COVID and pneumonia, I mentioned, but in the meantime, the pillows I ordered last week arrived today, so just trying to keep myself busy and distracted with arranging them in the meantime. 

So ... our dogs had pretty much destroyed our sofa - which is okay, they were worth it (RIP Snuggy Pug)  :)

However, sofas often require try-before-you-buy for comfort, we'd prefer not to try out a multitude of sofas with other people that refuse to wear masks, plus we've got to budget one in; thus,  we decided to just give the old one a temporary perk-up with some cheap throw pillows and a throw blanket :) 

Now, I love embroidered, Turkish, kilim, Native-American/Southwestern, and tribal-style tapestried pillows - all of which, I guess, is kind of incorporated into the term "Boho Chic," these days. 

However, Mark doesn't dig reds (and most Kilims contain at least some red), authentic ones are pretty pricey, and we're just talking about meantime accents until we're ready for the new sofa, right?

So everything you see here - including the dark-chocolate throw was on sale - for a grand total of $75.

Of course the sofa itself still looks a bit worse for wear, but it's a meantime fix? 

I'm thinking the rope pillow covers may little need a little ironing after shipment, hmm ...

However, it's almost time for fall decorating, pumpkins, leaf garlands, wreaths etc. - so I may add 2 copper/deep orange rust pillows to blend with my fall garlands etc. -

For now, I just bought 2 leaf pillow covers (I already had the pillow inserts, which I also bought on sale a couple of months ago. I just change out the covers seasonal or if I just want to change the colors) - and I'm not sure about them :/

Because the problem with buying stuff online is, until you get them and see them in your lighting, you don't know if they'll blend - and everything does but these leaf pillows, which came out slightly darker cream than I wanted, and they may be too much/too many pillows?

Hmm, I think the arrangement in the picture below may work better the one in the pic above, but I'm still not sure ... 

If you have to arrange them a certain way to blend, that kind of defeats the purpose of "throw pillows," doesn't it? :)

Don't get me wrong, like I said, I'm all about the kilim multi-pillowed look, but these aren't true kilim and I'm just trying to incorporate a little fall, but I'm not sure this works, what do you think?

I may add small dark orange rust/copper rectangular pillows instead, and put the leaf pillows on the bed, we shall see :)

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