Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Oh, Yeah ... The Bronco Is Back :)

(Updates on the family member hospitalized with COVID will be added to the original post.)

So, a few months ago, we started thinking about buying a new car, but they've changed the Nissan Murano model, and though it's a great SUV, and was very unique, a few years ago, they changed the body style - to look like every other cookie-cutter SUV :/

I was like, "Let's wait, all the SUVs seem to look alike, right now, they're so boring! Surely somebody will come out with one that doesn't look exactly like all the others again?"

In fact, I specifically mentioned, "What happened to the little 2-door Ford Bronco? That size was perfect, and safer than a Jeep Wrangler, and ran better, too."

My cousins had a Ford Bronco, years ago, and I loved that little 2-door SUV.  I couldn't figure out why they discontinued it.  

Wish granted!  I had no idea they were working on these!

The 2021 Ford Bronco!

Except they now come in not only both two-door and four door, but they also now have a lower-clearance "sport" model, and they come in an array of colors, body-styles, and engine sizes.  The prices will range from $28,500 for the base 2-door model, all the way up to the luxury off-road 4-door at $65,000.

Thank God, I was getting super tired of seeing the same 5 basic colors, over - gun metal, white, black, silver,  cobalt blue - on basically the same body style, regardless of company. 

I haven't researched how it tests, yet, on safety, gas mileage, etc., and I know Ford is, well, Ford, dipping in quality in recent years, with the exception of their trucks, so we can only hope it has the Ford truck quality.

They're kind of like a Bronco + Land Rover + Jeep Wrangler combo - and they are AWEsome!

In fact, one of the two-door models is already sold out in presales.

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