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Monday, September 14, 2020

Speaking of Ripley, Here's Sigourney Weaver and Samantha Bee - LOL!

In my prior posts, I mentioned the recent need to channel my inner Ripley again ...

(Actually worse, my inner Beth Dutton? lol).

Today, this video popped up in my feed - I had never seen it.

Apparently, it's from April 2019 - Sigourney Weaver helps recreate the scene where Ripley meets Newt in  "Aliens," on Full Frontal (The Samantha Bee Show) - however, with a twist ...

Comedian and political commentator, Samantha Bee, is Newt - hiding in space from the horror of having to cover, and make jokes, about the 2020 election and host the White House Correspondents Dinner ...   

Note that the very liberal Samantha Bee is so traumatized by the last election and current events, she's actually clutching a Trump rag doll (or is it a chew toy?) LOL!

Oh, the horror! Oh the humanity! 

However, after a pep talk by Ripley - and surprise appearances by journalists including Katie Couric, who is also hiding ("They mostly come out at night ... mostly" lol) - and a Ripley pep talk - she's ready to come back and cover the election with humor again.


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