Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Possible Correction to Below Post ...


Local Detroit-area news outlets are reporting that it likely was someone from the Sheriff's department at the door, rather than the shooter impersonating an officer.   

The Sheriff was quoted as saying they were able to determine it was not the suspect from video, but he was also unable to identify who it was, stating it was "likely" one of their "plainclothes detectives." 

Okay, so if they were able to determine the shooter wasn't the one knocking on doors from video, then why weren't they also able to identify exactly who was knocking by that same video?

Also - why is the sheriff's office spending their brief press time semi-defending the victim's reputation by clearing him for things he didn't do, when we now have four children dead and another seven injured?

(I can't help but wonder if the kid was black if they would be doing so - please tell me this isn't going to be yet another case of law enforcement saying, "Oh, the poor troubled (white) kid," which we never hear with black kids with guns or bombs?)

Again, just a friendly reminder, law enforcement - your job is to protect and secure the public, apprehend crime suspects so they can be put through due process of law, provide tangible evidence, and brief the press on known facts about the crime  - not act as the shooter's lawyer (or judge and jury), or speculate on who you believe did what without providing solid evidence.

We have way too much speculation going on versus fact in the news already - AND - way too many cops making decisions as if they are lawyers, judge, and/or jury already -  that's part of our nation's justice problem.

So maybe just don't say anything until you know for a fact who it was knocking on doors, geez, none of this "likely" business?

So whose bright idea was it, then, to have a plainclothes detective knock on doors to tell kids they're safe - and address the teacher with the street slang of "bro?"

Perhaps have a password texted to just the teachers when the lockdown begins, to help identify actual law enforcement, to avoid these issues?

Otherwise, not a good idea - I would've thought the same thing as that teacher, and especially the kids -  especially if in plainclothes.

Well, with the exception of I probably wouldn't have gone anywhere near that effing door just because someone knocked lol -  because that door would offer no protection from an assault rifle, and little protection from even a handgun - nor would I have said one effing word - just put my fingers to my lips for everyone to stay completely silent, just in case it was the shooter, so he'd think nobody was in that room. 

Well, I say I'd do that, but ya never know what you'll do in a situation like that, right?

Otherwise, I applaud the teacher and the kids for their bravery, keeping their wits about them as far as trust being earned/proven, and keeping their cool and sticking to protocol during a crisis!

In fact, I'd even go so far as say the kids had more common sense than whoever it was from the sheriff's department knocking on that door! lol


PS - Now, imagine how that situation may have ended if that truly was a plainclothes detective knocking at the door and the teachers had guns, like some Republicans are pushing for - not well, to be sure.


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