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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

So I Woke Up at 6 AM to THIS ...

 ... under my living room wreath and tobacco baskets/vintage Christmas pillow covers ...

And THIS ...

And THESE ...

(ASICs Cumulus 23 running shoes)

Also some wonderful organic bathie stuff, because I'm a hot-bath addict!

... from my beloved "Hicks" (my husband, Mark) :)

Yes, unfortunately, I'm one of those PIA people born close to Christmas,  which makes busy people sigh, feeling pressure to set aside money for birthday gifts as well - so I always tell them NOT to - and I mean it -  because I don't want my birthday to tax anyone's finances or stress people out, when they're already stressed for the holidays!

(I will admit, though, that I'm grateful my husband never listens to that one - lol - although it would be perfectly okay if he didn't, too  - a delicious, casual, completely unhealthy steak dinner is just fine;)

Thank you, "Hicks," my love!

~ "Ripley"

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