Monday, December 13, 2021

Governor Beshear's Tornado-Damage Update, 12/13/2021; Donation Websites ...


There are now 64 confirmed Kentucky deaths, with that number expected to rise, as at least 105 are still unaccounted for/missing.  

The ages of the dead range from a 5-month-old baby to an 86-year-old man :(

18 of the dead cannot be identified.  

6 of the dead are under age 18. 

Now that cell phone services have been restored in most areas, and we learned that many people are still trapped in basements, waiting for the debris above them to be removed.  FEMA and other federal services have been in the area since immediately after the storm. 

Governor Beshear has ordered flags at half-staff for one week. 

Fayette County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Demetrius Liggins, has offered places to stay in our community, as well as places for the children in our schools.

He also offered to Governor Beshear to have all of Fayette County  employees at his disposal for search and rescue efforts and to help rebuild (which includes my husband, should the governor request it).

So incredibly sad, people - prayers up for the families of the dead and the survivors, this Christmas :(


If you would like to donate to the victims of the western Kentucky tornadoes, click HERE  - Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.  (State of Kentucky)

You can also donate HERE to the American Red Cross (WLKY/Red Cross).

You can donate to a relief fundraiser HERE - Western Kentucky Red Cross Facebook Fundraiser (only for FB users though).


We will be making our donations to both the TW relief fund and the Red Cross tomorrow.

FYI, the Red Cross has an option to gift a donation on behalf of someone else, a friend or family member, which sends a Christmas card to the person in whose honor you sent it - which I will also be doing for quite a few unselfish people on my Christmas list, this year (including my boss), who simply refused to let me buy them a gift or shopping card, but instead accepted my offer to donate on their behalf ;) 

All of us wishing are wishing that the families of the victims and the survivors in Western Kentucky can still find some way to find warmth, comfort, and hope, this Christmas ... 

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