Friday, December 3, 2021

Oxford Shooter's Parents Were Just Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter (UPDATE: Now Officially Pronounced Fugitives of the Law, Lawyer Claims They're Not)



Michigan is not playing  - the prosecutor just charged Crumbley's parents with 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter.

Good - I agree with these charges - because this is what needs to start happening to at least help curb, if not prevent, these events. 

Because underage, untrained, unlicensed minors should not be given, nor have access to, guns - unless - under the direct supervision of a licensed adult, and then only in specific locations , i.e., the shooting range or hunting, carrying a valid hunting license.

- AND -

I don't care if you're white, black, brown, or purple, Republican, Democrat, or Independent, or if your last name is Crumbley or Rittenhouse.

If an underage minor is found unlawfully carrying a gun outside of those conditions/specified locations - again, the shooting range or hunting (with a valid hunting license) under the supervision of a licensed adult -  then there should be prosecution - period - NO EXCEPTIONS. 

As for home invasion or true self-defense situations, tasers would work just fine for minors - with less likelihood of accident resulting in death or injury. 

Tasers aren't legal for minors to purchase themselves, or be given,  in most states - but we may need to re-evaluate/reconsider that, to allow training and licensing for tasers -  especially for teenage girls? 


PS - The above source was the NYT, and USA Today just published this follow-up.  

We already knew that the parents had been called to the school twice in the days leading up to the shooting - including a meeting with the parents on the the morning of the shooting - but that no disciplinary action had been taken, either by the parents or the school. 

USA Today has now reported that the school advised counseling for their son, due to his preoccupation with guns and other things said/written.

The school then tried to follow up by contacting the mother twice,  both phone and email, including after that morning meeting on the day of the shooting, to ensure follow-up counseling was being arranged, but received no response.  

Instead, Mrs. Crumbley texted her son the following message: 

"LOL, I'm not mad at you.  You just have to learn not to get caught."

Wow.  Just ... Wow.  

So ... no concerns about her son's morality, following gun laws, or  his preoccupation with guns and violence -  to include writing, saying, and drawing disturbing messages and images that the school found  concerning enough to contact them over - the only lesson Mrs. Crumbley was worried about teaching her son was how not to get caught :/

Mind you, this is the same woman that was verified to have posted an open praise letter to Trump from her Wordpress blog in 2016.

Well, criminal minds are less concerned about actual morality than how to beat the system/get away with sh*t -  and they tend to flock together/support each other/provide false alibis - which explains why so many of the criminally-minded/morally confused or bereft support Trump, who nearly wrote the book on how to beat the system/get away with criminal sh*t.



Okay, so ... the shooter's parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, have been officially reported as fugitives of the law.

Erm - you still have to inform law enforcement that you're doing that and where you are - and respond to law enforcement's attempts to contact you -  - so yeah, that still makes you fugitives of the law,  Idiots.

Later, however, even their attorneys were unable reach the by phone.

I hate to tell you this, sleazy lawyer, but you'll be sitting in prison right along with them, if you know where they are, but failed to tell federal law enforcement.

Gee, I wonder where their son got a blatant disregard for the law and inability to take responsibility for his actions?

Letting your son sit in prison, while you run away, tsk, tsk, tsk. 


Seriously, you couldn't make make this sh*t up.   

This is what our country has been reduced to, America, with our current political justice ambiguity.

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