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Monday, May 24, 2021

The Transformative Power of Love :)

Not long ago, I wrote a post about my husband - who is a former Army ranger -  getting all excited because our neighbor, an Iraq/Afghanistan wounded vet, has a new girlfriend lol. 

In fact, Mark was so excited and loud about it I had to shush him, after hollering up at me on the balcony about it, within an earshot of them, so as not to scare her off lol.

He still hasn't formerly introduced us yet (likely due to making sure it's going to work out, plus he's friendly, but pretty private, plus  there's COVID) - so still giving them their privacy, may I just say how nice it is, when I'm outside watering my flowers, every morning, to see him smiling at her and singing - just singing away, while walking her out to her car, on their way to work :)

I don't think he even notices or cares that I'm there, or that anyone is around, he only has eyes for her and singing  :) 

She's a cute little blonde, and I also wonder if she's former military, too - because though feminine, she also looks like she could throw down, if she needed to lol.

Regardless, in almost four years of living here, chatting frequently and bringing him extra food and treats, I've never heard him sing!  He laughs easily, but was mostly sad, especially after his bull mastiff passed two years ago - who was trained as a support dog, and whom he used to have special permission to take Cincinnati Reds games with him, his favorite thing to do.  He said he couldn't bring himself to do it after his dog died, so as far as I know, he hadn't been to a Reds game since :(

HOWEVER, I can report that I spotted him recently, in his brand-new Cincinnati Reds' Pete Rose jersey, singing on the way to his truck with her, apparently on their way to a Reds' game in Cincy! :)

In this world full so much darkness and hate and fear, it's really nice to see what the power of love can do - it can truly transform people.

(But if she breaks his heart, I'm coming for her -  JUST KIDDING lol!)

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