Saturday, May 1, 2021

Derby PS - What Did I Tell You In the Post Below About Baffert, Hm? :)

(*Updated - correction -  my apologies, it was not even two weeks ago that the official reversal on the positive lab results of Baffert's horses at Oaklawn was inexplicably reversed- see more in the post above)


... which was written before the race, mind you.

I said ...

"So IF Baffert wins again, we may have a big clue as to why Baffert's disqualification was suddenly and inexplicably reversed three weeks ago - some back-room deal made, three weeks ago? ;) "

I also said that if you honestly believe that Baffert can win this many times in a row, in a sport dependent on often unpredictable horses - without cheating, playing dirty, and trying to find miniscule and dishonest ways of getting other trainers disqualified (often for crimes he, himself, is doing) - then you'll believe I'm Mother Theresa :)

(For more history on that, read the latter part of the post below.)

God, forgive me for the terrible thought of wishing that one of Bob Baffert's poor, mistreated, medicated horses kicks him right in his face ;)

But, I digress lol - on a positive note, congratulations to our friend, trainer, Doug O'Neill, for his horse, Hot Rod Charlie, coming in show (3rd place)!!!


PS - Received a few texts, just now - NOT from Doug O'Neill, he's a little busy at the moment lol - that went like this:

"F-ing Baffert.  This is too many wins to be luck, and nobody is THAT good, to win THIS many times in a row with horse-racing, with several different horses and several different jockeys.  It's really starting to become obvious. Horse-racing is even dirtier than it used to be, before they supposedly cleaned it up." 
"They're going to lose all the new interest they gleaned with the first triple-crown wins in years, if they keep this up, it's becoming too obvious and boring."
"Why does Baffert always get a pass?" 
"Baffert somehow manages to wriggle out of the same crimes he accuses everybody else of, despite everyone knowing he's guilty as hell, why is that?" 

Our answer to the latter two was akin to:

"Why does Trump?  lol.  Baffert = Trump of the horse-racing world.  It's about that money, honey -  when already rich, powerful cons and cheats can get even richer from kickbacks/cuts from a better con's multiple guaranteed wins, they'll never be found guilty anything lol.  Also, part of their MO is to then accuse any viable competitors of crimes they're guilty of themselves, to try to get them disqualified.  God bless the American way! lol  ;)" 
"Perhaps we should send in Biden's new Justice Department to investigate Baffert? lol.  They seem to be on top of things lately :)"


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