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Friday, April 16, 2021

Acting Like Proud Parents or Nosy Neighbors? LOL


So I've mentioned my neighbor before - well, I've mentioned a few of them, we love our neighbors, we're very lucky lol - but this is the neighbor that was a wounded vet in Afghanistan, Mountain Combat Division, who has lost hearing in one ear (along with other injuries) and struggles with trauma.

But let's talk about the positive - he also holds two master's degrees in business and finance, and is just a very smart, sweet, caring young man :)

He also had a precious, sweet, gentle-giant bull mastiff, who passed away about two years ago, and hasn't been able to bring himself to get another dog :(

Additionally, he's also a very politically active/vocal Democrat, as is nearly everyone in our building (with the exception of two anti-Trump Republicans).

This may surprise you -  to learn that many active or ready combat soldiers either are, or at least have become, Democrats, during the age of Trump (at least the smart, independent-thinking ones who refuse to drink all the Trump Kool-Aid).

This is because, as both he and my husband (who used to be a Republican) explain it, not only due to the fact that their brothers-in-arms, that they relied on successfully to have their backs during combat (and vice versa), were of all races and faiths, and Trump vilified them -  but because they felt they were always on standby with Trump, ready to be called in and ordered to do very self-serving, power-hungry, rash things by Trump at whim, simply for his own power and benefit -  possibly against the same people they'd sworn to protect and defend, their own people -  during constitutionally-protected protests :/

I always look out for him (as we do all our neighbors and vice versa), and I check on him and bring him Thanksgiving dinner during COVID and Christmas treats, etc. :)

Anyway, my husband informed the other day that he thinks he has a girlfriend!

This made me so happy, I nearly did a cartwheel! lol. 

Well, this morning, we saw them walking to their cars, and my husband's like, "Hey P!  Hi ...!" clearly wanting to be introduced, but P just waves.  

I'm on the balcony (still smoking, though trying to quit), looking at Mark like ... ??? ... seriously, did you just get all up in their business? lol

Then, Mark yells up at me, from his car, "Hey, there's his little girlfriend, I was talking about! Did you see her? Aren't they cute?"

I widened my eyes in mock disapproval, and put my finger to my lips like, "shhh." LOL

OMG, thank God they'd already got in their cars and I hope their windows weren't down. 

My husband - who had no children before we married and is new to this sort of thing - then called me; "Why did you shush me? lol"

I said, "Mark, yes, it's VERY cute, and YOU'RE very cute, for getting excited for your young fellow veteran, but here's a parenting tip - we have to play it cool, we can't act all  proud parent lol.

"Meaning you can't be all yelling up at me from your car, on the balcony, like, 'Ohhhh, aren't they cute?' so that they, and the entire neighborhood, can hear, we'll embarrass them lol"

"Plus we don't know how far along they are and don't want to rush them, we might scare her off lol.  Let's give them their privacy until he's ready to introduce/announce lol."

"He's a very private person anyway, security and feeling safe are clearly very important to him, after what he experienced as a vet, we want to respect that, right?"

Sigh, P - if you're reading this, which I highly doubt, we're sorry - I hope we didn't embarrass you, we're just very happy for you and wish you the best of luck :)

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