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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Liz Cheney Canceled By The Same People Who Supposedly Hate Cancel Culture lol

Hehehe - hypocrits.

First of all, I have no love lost for the Cheney family, but I will say that I think that the fact that a democratically elected official can be essentially "fired," simply because she isn't loyal to Trump, is just plain scary and Nazi mentality. 

I mean, if a Democrat doesn't support Biden, that's fine, I don't care.  A lot of people supported Biden because of Kamala rather than Biden anyway lol. 

If they supported Trump, I'd care, but I wouldn't support trying to have them removed based solely on support for Trump - that's anti-democratic.

In fact, I wouldn't even support "canceling" or removing a publicly elected official for spreading dangerous dysinformation, like Marjorie Taylor Greene (unless it's proven hate speech) - because their constituents voted them in.  

If they want to believe in unsubstantiated, wildly speculative nonsense without proof stemming from their chronic, self-perpetuating paranoia, let them - it's just one member of Congress and one member on a committee anyway.

(Well, the only other caveat would be if she, or anyone, was spreading dangerous and malicious dysinformation about me personally, I would care, but I would fight it by presenting fact and perhaps getting legal, if I could afford to, depending upon what was being said and the reputation damage it was causing; but I still would not force her removal.  Considering she has no idea who I am, that's unlikely to happen lol.)

In fact, the only way I'd want a publicly elected official removed or "fired" would be for committing a serious crime against another human being (including financial) or animal, corruption, or election tampering, with evidence that isn't circumstantial - to include traitorous acts in collusion with a foreign country.

(I also don't care what they do in their personal lives, unless it affects their job or is an actual crime where another human being or animal was a victim, to include financial crimes.)

We actually had that with Trump, but just like with Bob Baffert, kickback-money talks - and if Trump goes down, a lot of people that benefitted from Trump would go down with him - so they're going to keep turning the other way and fighting like hell to keep absurd lies alive, despite no actual factual evidence to support them, other than  circumstantial evidence that has not been investigated and wild speculation ;)

After all, Trumpers are the sort to choose their belief over fact anyway. 

They're akin to the sort of people who, up until the 17th century, automatically believed the sun went around the earth, simply because it "looks that way" without full investigation, and then tried you for heresy or witchcraft (if a woman) if you provided actual proof to the contrary lol.

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