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Friday, May 7, 2021

And The Most Ignorant, Over-Privileged, Clueless White Person of the Week Award Goes to? Karen - Erm, I Mean - Caitlyn Jenner

(*edited - content added)

... for her completely tone-deaf comments in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News lol.

For those unaware, Caitlyn Jenner has put in her bid to run for Governor of California, which is fine  - if she wasn't so obviously over-privileged in her perspective and the things that come out of her mouth.

I think the best heckler of her comments, this week, was Jimmy Kimmel.

After Caitlyn said what she liked about Trump was that he was a "disrupter ... he came in an shook the system" ...

Jimmy said, "Yeah ... he shook the system so hard he lost custody of it.  Child Protective Services had to come in and stop him from shaking the system." 


However, the worst thing she said was telling a story - speaking to Hannity from her private jet hangar, mind you - about her private-jet club friend (neighbor?) who was moving to Sedona, Arizona because he "couldn't walk down the street anymore without seeing a homeless person."

Girl, WTF is wrong with you?  lol

And by that, I do NOT mean your being transgendered.

I mean that most truly transgendered people have known financial struggle, at some point, plus true pain and suffering, and thus often have greater empathy; but of course, financial struggle and suffering are as foreign a concept to you as homelessness, so of course not lol

And what have you done to earn that money?

Well, the Olympic gold, 45 years ago - which I'm not taking away from you, but you were already born into privilege to afford training, now, weren't you?

And what have you done since to earn your money since, once the endorsements dried up?

You do realize your Google occupation now is listed as "American socialite" and "TV presenter/Reality TV Star?"

Essentially, even your resume attests to the fact that you already came from privilege, who afforded you the luxury of privately-paid-for Olympic-training expense, then you married into even more privilege (Kris Kardashian), once the endorsements dried up.

Thus, your biggest accomplishment in the last 45 years since the Olympics was simply being a Kardashian, who got money for doing absolutely nothing.

Yet you somehow still imagine that you just worked harder and are more deserving of wealth than everybody else?

Erm - that doesn't make you the poster child for the transgendered community - that makes you the poster child for "white false sense of entitlement." :)

Now, had I met such a neighbor or friend as you described - which I wouldn't, because I would never have a private jet or belong to a private jet club, and because not only are none of my friends or neighbors over-privileged, but they are kind, empathetic people who look out for one another, who think first of the best way to help others before complaining about them -  at the very least, I'd be thinking to myself sarcastically ...

"Aw, poor you, having to see a homeless person on the street.  How nice for you, that not only can you just pick up and move to yet another extremely expensive (overpriced?) area of the country, but you have a private jet to get there - all so you don't have to look at homeless people and feel badly for others, or even mingle with us commoners on commercial jets"  

*eye roll*

But not Caitlyn Jenner, no - she's too special.

Basically, Caitlyn Jenner's message is she wants everyone to empathize with her transgender plight,  but has no empathy to give  anyone else, including the homeless, and if she were to become governor, seems more concerned with finding a way to demonize and remove the homeless from sight (just so wealthy people don't have to look at them),  rather than find ways help them find housing, in an overpriced housing market, and ways to help fix our broken socioeconomic system.

But that's the American way today, Ladies and Gentlemen ...

"Give  empathy and personal freedoms to me, but none for thee."

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