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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

60 Minutes on "UAPs" - What The BLEEP Did I Just Watch? Lol.

I don't know ... do you think the staff of 60 Minutes just said, "We've covered so much weird sh*t, the last few years, and it's grown quieter since Trump left, so ... why not produce a segment on this for ratings? lol

But I'll admit, these military officers and fighter pilots sound pretty credible, telling stories and showing footage of moving objects capable of going 13,000 mph, pulling 500 to 600 G's, evade even infrared radar, can drop 80,000 feet in a second, and display no identifiable propulsion system, but I'm still not sure what's going on - there are still other possibilities that aren't extraterrestrial, right?

Now, everyone knows I love the ghostie stuff, because energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only transfer, and I want to know where it goes (particularly after my own experience years ago) - but I'm still a skeptic.

Which means, I attribute it to the most logical explanations first, and if I can even find one logical thing it could possibly be besides something paranormal, then I'm not convinced.  

I've also said that out of literally thousands of videos I've perused on ghosts, I've seen maybe four or five (usually made much earlier, before we had TikTok and cell phone videos, but does include one fairly recent police body-cam video) that left me saying, "Eh, maybe?" 

Otherwise, I don't believe or disbelieve, or even care, about UFOs -  they just don't interest me.  

By that, I mean that I've already accepted the possibility, even the likelihood, that we're not the only life in the universe, and if we were to find out these objects were terrestrial or extraterrestrial, I wouldn't be surprised or freaked out, either way.  

I'd just be like, "Huh ... well, that's cool.  Tell me more." lol.

But do I think they visit here without more people having witnessed them?  

Eh, I'm not sure.  I guess it's possible, if they're light years ahead of us with stealth (radar-evading/repelling) and cloaking  (light-refracting) technology? 

However, I think it's a bit too early to assume they're a "threat," like Senator Marco Rubio just did, on 60 Minutes (spoken like a true Trumper - "If it's not like us, then it's a dangerous threat that wants to steal from and dominate us - kill it!" projecting our own motivations all over everybody else lol).

I mean, considering they haven't done anything threatening, they appear to be curious and just observing?

It's also a bit too early to lock up the kids and start worrying about abductions lol.

If someone is observing us, terrestrial or not, then perhaps we just need to continue to observe them in return?

Because whether it's China or some wealthy private citizen or some lone, brilliant-but-dangerous unibomber type, who somehow got his hands on some plutonium and built it himself (lol), or extraterrestrial spacecraft, etc. ...

... do you think it's a good idea to fire upon moving objects that are capable of going 13,000 mph, pulling 500 to 600 G's, evade even infrared radar, can drop 80,000 feet in a second, and display no identifiable propulsion system? 

I don't think so, lol.  

I mean, we're good, but we're not that good yet - and if their aircraft technology is that advanced, what do you think their actual weapons could do? lol

We have got to get away from this American sense of invincibility, the "pre-emptive strike," and the need for world domination, as well as I said earlier, this medieval/Trumpist idea that "It's different than we are; therefore it's a dangerous threat that wants to steal from and dominate us - kill it!" mentality, projecting our own motivations onto anyone or anything new and different, if we're ever going to evolve as a species.

If it fires or we find out someone has obtained information about our military technology that could not have been gleaned from any other source but these aircrafts, well, then we can take action.

But until then, no - lest we continue to create our own headaches and enemies (then play the victim).

I mean, who knows, maybe they're following the evolved principle known as the "prime directive" in Star Trek -  the idea that you  should observe other cultures without influencing or interfering, unless they ask for your help, or unless you are fired upon or receive a direct threat - who can say?

(I fear that we humans on earth will never get there, if we continue to put humans like Trump and Rubio in charge,  who often project their own motivations of total domination onto everybody and everything else lol.) 

I'm not worried, and I think we should just observe until whatever it is, and whoever is behind it, reveals itself or proves itself an actual threat rather than observing, yes? 



Mark:  "They didn't mention NASA -  I wonder if it's possible that it's a classified NASA craft?"


Me:  "That's a possibility, I guess, but you would think if it there was even the remote possibility of these things being classified NASA craft experiments or even SpaceX, the military wouldn't declassify this and go public, without ruling out that possibility first, they wouldn't be all over 60 Minutes about it lol." 

"Because even if the military doesn't know all NASA's top secrets and vice versa, they'd be taking a huge national security risk by being this globally public about something that could be potentially be our own U.S. technology - so my guess is, they've already ruled that out before they went public with this?" 

"What I'M trying to figure out is what's the advantage to going public with this - what is the benefit from their doing so, who benefits?" 

"The only advantages I can think of would be making the U.S federal government at least seem more transparent, and/or perhaps they actually do suspect this actually being another country's technology, but don't have proof yet." 

"Then the advantage to going public with that would be a sort of warning: "Uh, we see you, you know - don't think we don't.  If we find out it's your country continuing to enter our restricted airspace unauthorized, you're going down - so why don't you tell us exactly what it is that you want, so that we can both avoid an incident that could perhaps start WWIII?" lol

Regardless, we agreed that the particular anomaly witnessed by the fighter pilots could've been light reflection in certain weather conditions, particularly considering it appeared to "mirror" their own movements, and then just suddenly "disappeared" at a certain altitude.

That "behavior" almost sounds like reflected/refracted light, rather than the result of external, conscious-willed, true "behavior?" 

Then again, we weren't there, and these are fighter pilots trained to trust their equipment when their senses fail them - and the reason they were sent to investigate in the first place is because the aircraft carrier picked up something on radar it couldn't identify, which "disappeared" off the carrier's radar at the same time their eyes perceived it as "disappearing" from the cockpits of their fighter jets.

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