Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Reposts Regarding George Floyd From One Year Ago: Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum (Latin) and Genesis 50:19-20

PS added - you're not going to believe this, but Mark can verify this is 100% true because he saw it first (though gone by the time we grabbed the camera).

As I've mentioned, I was told twice (once by a Cherokee Native-American) that my totem is a broad-winged hawk - and one literally just landed on my balcony railing, just as I finished this post.  

More about that in the P.S. ... 


It's interesting to look back at events a year later and see what you wrote and said.  Last year, I wrote many posts on George Floyd, to include the peaceful protests we had here in Lexington (however, unlike other cities, our officers chose to take off their riot gear to show they weren't a threat and most kneeled and prayed with them). 

However, I think the two posts I'm fondest of are this one from May 27th, containing the following prayer: 

Heavenly Father, 
I don't know what to pray for or how, anymore - but at the moment, this is what comes to mind ... 
I pray that the people who are abusing privilege or power and/or harboring hatred will somehow be directly confronted by the Spirit of God and Christ's message of infinite mercy, in their path. 
I know that we have free will and the power of choice regardless - and I know you promised not to intervene. 
However, I pray that there will be, at some point, one of your famous overly-coincidental, direct spiritual-confrontation lessons - so square in their faces that they cannot easily shut the door, turn the channel, turn the page, or turn away. 
A message of mercy so directly in their path that they will have to make a conscious choice - either choose to step over it and continue in self-righteous, falsely-justified, hatred and fear, or choose instead to allow the power of God's mercy and love into their hardened hearts and be transformed by it. 
Mercy, God ...Mercy. We have gotten ourselves way out of balance again, the scales have once again been tipped too far, we've reached a tipping point - and we need your love now, more than ever. 
More mercy for the poor, the oppressed, the powerless, the grieving, the falsely accused/the innocent, the addicted, the the opportunity-less, just trying to survive, and the sick and the suffering. 
I pray for your comfort for them, Lord, comfort them. I pray for renewed hope for them. I pray that they may experience "the peace that passes all understanding," that Paul spoke about in Philippians 4:7, as they endure these trials in life. 
In the name of the father, his son, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. 

And this one from May 30th, containing Genesis 50:19-20, because it has since come to pass, reposted here in it's entirety ...

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum is Latin for: "Let Justice Be Done, Though the Heavens May Fall" (Latin) - or in other words, "Let justice prevail, despite the consequences."

Also, for some reason, I was reminded of Genesis 50:19-20, today - so I made this meme in honor of George Floyd - may he not have died in vain ...

Amen and Hayah (Hebrew for "Let it be so/happen").

And may equal justice continue, even if the heavens fall :)


PS - Okay, so you're not going to believe this, but it's 100% true, Mark can verify because he saw it first ...

I've mentioned many times that my totem is supposedly a broad-winged hawk - and just as I finished this post, a broad-winged hawk literally just landed on my balcony railing.  

That is extremely rare for a hawk to come that close to humans, especially in the suburbs.

(Not my photo - it flew away before I could snap a pic).

Now, as you know and I've said, I rule out the "paranormal" or spiritual by thinking of the most logical things first.

Okay, lots of squirrels and birds that come to our balcony, so of course a hawk would eventually be drawn there.

And yet still, that close, right at that moment, when I was reflecting on a prayer said last year and Genesis 50:19-20 about what was done for evil, God in turn will use for good, for the saving of many lives?

Sometimes, some things are so timely and overly coincidental and implausible that you have to wonder, yes?

So you look up at the sky for at least a second and go "Erm - was that you?" and then later go "Nahh.  Wait, was it?" lol .

The hawk can see both the finest details and the high-level big picture - so his appearance is supposed to remind us of how the finer details fit into the bigger overall picture :) 

Also, I've noticed that many of my prayers for myself go unanswered, but oftentimes for others, they don't.

So just in case that was something spiritual, I don't want to ignore it/dismiss it ..

Heavenly Father, 
Thank you for signs of heard prayers and blessings, which I believe come not in the form of money or provisions, but through nature itself, coming close.  Thank you for the beauty in this intelligently-designed universe.

Thank you also for continuing to turn what was done for evil into good for the saving of many lives, as Joseph said in Genesis 50:20    
Amen :)


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