Sunday, February 28, 2021

SNL's Vaccine Game Show ;)

So as all of us Americans know - well, those of us who actually read reputable, award-winning local and national news publications, rather than watch cable news, plus trust our personal healthcare providers, friends and family experiences VS. people we don't even know on Twitter (and in fact, aren't sure really exist) -  in addition to previously not having much (any?) federal help with logistics/supply problems from the prior administration, the prior administration's decision to leave the vaccine roll-out to state discretion was, well, a big fat dumpster fire.  

That is because different states have varying definitions of "essential workers," and some of the groups that some states chose, before others, make us wonder if they didn't actually just use a dartboard of groups of people, throw darts,  and wherever the darts landed, that's the group that got vaccinated  - cough, cough, California - lol.  

(For example, in California, teachers have been among the latter groups to get vaccinated behind some other debatable groups; in fact, some teachers are still waiting.)

Additionally, the websites set up to register frequently crash and time out, and it takes hours to days to get registered, if you can get in before the window closes. 

Here in Kentucky, our Governor et al had thus far made pretty good choices, but also experienced supply issues and website problems. 

President Biden has supposedly created a vaccine roll-out task force to help fix these state problems, so we shall see. 

Regardless of who you blame, the previous administration or states (both likely playing a part), the vaccine's rollout has been, to use my brother-in-law from L.A.'s words,  "a logistical nightmare."

Additionally, we just heard this week from a member of FCPS staff that "The governor said if you don't get vaccinated by March 15th and you get COVID, the state will not pay for your sick leave as a state employee."

*blinks twice* - "WHAT?"

We're not sure that's correct -  though the source is typically pretty reliable.

Thus, we're still trying to verify; but if so, it's like, "Geez, well give us a minute, the vaccines are still coming out, with Johnson and Johnson just being approved yesterday, and the state website portal to hell still doesn't work properly?"

As I said, we are checking to verify this tomorrow, and we also need to check because I think his only choice still is Moderna - which is the one we wanted -  but Moderna is supposedly running out of supply - so like I said - give us a minute?  

Plus I couldn't get one anyway, just Mark, because he's a state employee, working for the public schools.

(In fact, I previously joked with family that with no health problems, not being considered an essential worker, plus all the logistics and website issues, I personally could probably get tickets to The Police reunion tour concert faster -  and they're not even planning a reunion yet lol.) 

Okay, I like Governor Beshear, but if this is true, he will be going down on my "likes" list, that's for sure.  

But to be honest, I'm just really getting tired of the political "blame games" on this vaccine.

They remind me of trying to stop fights between my daughter and prior stepson, when they were like, 8 years old.

So stand back, 'cause I'm pulling out and dusting off the old Mom card again, about to get all Mom-ish up in here, when I say:

"All right, that's IT - just - stop.  I don't CARE who 'started it'  - it doesn't solve the problem and doesn't even matter anymore, and we're wasting valuable, potentially life-saving time." 
"I don't CARE if it's state government, federal government, Republicans, Democrats, Chinese, Russian, South African,  the Illuminati, shape-shifting lizard people, aliens, Big Foot anymore - I don't CARE who is to blame anymore - somebody, for the love of God and all that is holy, fix it! lol

Canna get a witness?  Amen! lol

Regardless, here was SNL's hilarious take on the struggle (competition?) to get the vaccine, as well as the odd choices some states made as to what groups would get them first (cough, cough - again - California), by making it a game show competition.


 The judges are 3 Democrat governor judges, with 2 of the 3 being the most unpopular and most-hated governors in America right now, now by both Republicans and Democrats, Andrew Cuomo (New York) and Gavin Newsome (California) - and mind you, I'm a Democrat.  

The third Democrat Governor, Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan), is also hated, but only by Republicans, who tried to kidnap her lol. I personally love Gretchen Whitmer! :)

(However, I think they chose these three states because let's face it, it's mostly only Democrats who are even considering getting the vaccine lol.) 

Ted "Cancun" Cruz also stars as a contestant (played by Aidy Bryant), listing his profession as "stand-up comedian," trying to justify getting the vaccine.

The consolation prizes for not being eligible?  A Pfizer visor.  

If they do manage to win a slot, but Moderna is no longer available in their state, then a cheap knock-off vacc made by Costco will be administered - but not on the show.  You still have to use the web portal to hell lol. 


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