Wednesday, February 10, 2021

New Glasses ...

 Okay, so my new glasses are here.  Hmm ...gonna have to get used to wearing them all the time.  And getting old.  What do you think?

LOL - I don't do selfies often, as people who know me know, I'm uncomfortable with ... well, myself lol.  I may do one once a year, for an event or something. 

However, since I got new glasses that I now need to wear all the time, it's drastically changed my appearance perhaps beyond all recognition lol.

So here we go  - with Miss Brookie sleeping in the background :)

Pay no attention to my hair - I haven't had it cut professionally since before COVID and I need a root dye.  I do both myself and you can totally tell lol. 

It's been a while since I updated my profile picture - but I need to cut Mark's hair - as you can see, in this picture with him in the background - and dye my roots - and do something about my skin, ugh.  

However, every time I ask him if he's ready for me to cut, he's "not in a hair place" lol.   Who wouldda thunk it, for a former Army ranger?  Now he lets it fly, any which way.  

In fact, he jokingly said, "I'm going to let it grow and pull it back into a long, frizzy, gray ponytail - you know, the IT guy look LOL"

He was joking, but I said "I believe that's grounds for divorce in some states," just in case lol.

I was joking, of course, because in reality, I'm not one of those wives who "forbids" him anything, he can do whatever he wants to do, but sometimes you gotta draw the line - and my line is that there shall be no man buns or long gray frizzy ponytails in this house (for him OR me, on the latter)! lol ;)

So in the meantime, despite the gray roots showing, I may use the first one, because it's goofy, ... and that's, well, me :) 

Or maybe this backlit one, because it's the most natural smile?

Oy.  No.  There's a couple of wayward frizz hairs flying over my face, so maybe not.  

Argh, I don't photograph well.  And these were the best of the ones we just took lol.

So ... maybe I'll just wait for one with Mark again, so his great smile can distract you from my big, wide, old lady face lol. 

Regardless - I CAN SEE AGAIN, it's a miracle! lol

PS - I was worried what Mark would think, as he couldn't go in with me to pick them out.  

You know the old saying, "Men don't make passes and girls who wear glasses."  

That's such a stupid misogynistic saying, but it gets grilled into us anyway.  We know it's stupid and misogynistic, and yet our dang culture won't let us forget. 

And it's not true - some girls and women wear glasses well - just not me lol. 

However, ladies - as it turns out, the right kind of men do make passes at even old ladies wearing glasses lol

This is evidenced by the fact that my husband said "Wow - actually, they're super sexy" - and asked me to wear them and nothing else tonight.


Kisses to my sweet hubby!

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