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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

And So It Begins ...

(Edited, PS x4 added)

Trump's second impeachment trial has just begun.

Again, impeachment is not just about removal from office, but also about disqualification from holding office in the future.

The U.S. constitution specifically identifies removal from office a current president as part of impeachment, but it does NOT specify whether the disqualification aspect of impeachment is for current or former presidents.

If you watched the powerful opening full 13-minute video of the minute-by-minute timeline of January 6th - which, mind you, was bipartisan approved, and I hope that everyone does watch the entire 13 minutes, at some point - which began with Trump's speech:

"After this, we're gonna walk down ... and I'll be there with you. We're gonna walk down, we're gonna walk down anywhere you want. But I think right here, we're gonna walk down to the Capitol."

... and you saw that within just 1 minute of his saying so, the crowd listening to his speech began moving towards the Capitol building ...

... and you saw the portions of the video that we hadn't seen yet, such as the heart-wrenching clip of a Capitol cop getting crushed by the doors, crying out for help :( ...

... and you saw other moments that we have seen, including Officer Eugene Goodman misleading a pack of rioters in the wrong direction to protect congress chambers ...

... and you saw the crowd chanting "Traitor Pence" in Trump's speech crowd, shortly after Trump tweeted he "didn't have the courage" ...

... then I'm sorry - but there is simply no way that you could, in good conscience, find Trump NOT guilty of inciting an insurrection - unless you were desperately and dishonestly trying to avoid your party being held accountable and responsible for something we all watched and saw with our own eyes and ears ;)

(The videos are clearly of the same crowd we saw in initial reports on January 6th.)

Thus, a prayer ...

Heavenly Father,

I pray that truth will prevail over falsehoods. I pray that everyone present, with eyes wide open, and in good conscience, will do what's best for their country rather than their party and themselves.

Amen ...


PS -  You may have seen a similar meme passed around on social media regarding the largest danger/destruction coming from within, rather than abroad, which is being used by both politics sides about the other?  LOL

It's a great quote - but unfortunately, it's not what Lincoln actually said.

HOWEVER - Lincoln did say similar in January 1863, in a speech in Springfield, Illinois, along the same lines as the largest danger coming from within, rather than abroad ...


PS x2

Oh my God, now - I have a really good attention span, but it is really hard to stay awake during the opening arguments from Trump's first lawyer, Bruce Castor.  

I mean, he's all over the board, rambling - he just loves the sound of his own voice.

He's clearly rusty - and he has made absolutely no references to the actual constitution (at least not yet, and we're 25 minutes in), and provided no visual aids of supporting evidence, in an age of technological presentation, if nothing else,  to break the monotony and wake back up his audience lol. 

What does he think this is, 1970? lol.

I mean, jeez, it's just ... sad.

And his arguments are weak, things like, "The president saying to walk down the street to the Capitol is hearsay, but now it's admissible evidence?"

Well, erm - the problem with that argument is, you forgot to mention what the constitution says about that  (nor has he mentioned the constitution at all, at least yet, but he's still talking, 25 minutes later) - and that is that it stops becoming hearsay when it's a public speech that incites the assembly to riot -  ON VIDEO -  with several of his supporters/rioters saying "Trump told us to" after being arrested.

My God, he thinks all Americans watching are that stupid, it kind of pisses me off - but less-educated Trumpers will eat it up like candy, because at least they can understand simple, baseless arguments, most of them never having even glanced at the constitution lol. 

Well, I guess that's the best representation Trump could get, considering?

And yet GOP senators sitting there are going to pretend 
like it's the best opening argument they've ever heard and acquit Trump again, just to protect their party from accountability ;)

I actually not only believe this is what will happen because of GOP senator's previous arguments, but because the GOP has been so compliant with everything Biden has thrown out that I have to wonder if there was some negotiation already on this, and the GOP is conceding to Biden's wishes in exchange for acquittal.

I have no proof of this, that's just my speculation, but the GOP has been unusually compliant with Biden's plans, don't you think? 


PS x3

Oh my God, I just woke up to David Schoen now talking. 

For those of you unaware, not only has David Schoen represented many American mobsters, but he also met with Jeffrey Epstein just 8 days before his death, with Epstein asking him to represent him. It is unknown whether or not he had agreed before Epstein died.  I mean, we're talking the bottom of the barrel of American sleaze-ball lawyers, here. 

Well, at least he's more watchable - but also laughably belligerent and overdramatic.  Erm - does he think that's going to help Trump's case?   

We're prosecuting solely based to political partisanship?

That's funny - because we're not the ones who incited a riot on the capitol, wielding a noose on a platform, set for Pelosi and Pence, now are we? lol

And he is at least mentioning the constitution - but he's taking an extremely "liberal"  interpretation of it, for a supposed ultra-conservative ;)

Well, at least he's using clips and visual aids to keep us awake.  

However, I'm not sure how relevant providing clips on the amount of times people saying they wanted Trump impeached, over the past four years, are relevant.

Whether or not people thought he deserved impeachment before, is irrelevant to why he is on impeachment trial now - which is, after incredibly somehow squirming out of everything else -  that he lost both the electoral college and popular election, claiming without credible evidence that he didn't, and then inciting a riot at the Capitol building?

I mean, that's like saying, "Oh, well he got off on murder before, so he must be innocent now," even though we all saw and heard the latest murder, on video lol.

Now, he's quoting constitutional laws regarding due process of law in a criminal trial.

Erm - again - this is not a criminal trial before judges in our criminal justice system - this is a congressional impeachment hearing.

Trump has not been arrested, he's not been criminally charged, and there is absolutely no risk of him going to jail based solely on the outcome of this trial.

This is a congressional hearing on impeachment and disqualification for further office - which is constitutional (as mentioned above) period. The worst that can happen is he can be disqualified from holding future office.

Also, the constitutional laws regarding due process of law in criminal proceedings do not apply in congressional/legislative-body hearings, there are separate constitutional laws regarding due process of law in congressional hearings - and I'm pretty sure you know that, Schoen.

Again, it pisses me of Trump Team thinks we're that stupid.  It should piss Republicans off too.

Also, why does he keep grabbing the top of his head when he drinks water, it's weird?

I mean, he's clearly not wearing a toupee, so is he afraid his head is going to fall off from talking so much nonsense or what? LOL

Well, he has been talking (and repeating himself) for well over an hour now!

Ah, well, I guess this is the best they can do - known sleazeball lawyers with lame arguments, as if they're arguing in front of uneducated Trumpers with the IQ of my shoe size, rather than Congress or an American population, at least half  of whom are better educated and more sane than those who worship Trump lol. 

And yet, again, like I said above, it's most likely GOP senators gonna act like they're the best lawyer arguments they ever heard and acquit him.


PS x 4:  Well, they pretty much voted along party lines, as suspected, with the majority voting not to dismiss/proceed - but we did gain one more GOP vote, Senator Cassidy of Louisiana.

Also, in listening to the press and expert panels banter, they're pretty much saying exactly what I wrote above, as it was happening - hilarious!


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